Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have to work a few hours today to get my new classroom ready for the Summer Session at the school. I feel almost like crap. Like I got drunk and then "played" allllll night...oh! wait...I did! LOL Word to the wise: Don't do that. Don't.

The rest of my Saturday will be spent cleaning up around home. I woke up to find that Carson and Caden got into Claudias nail polish. Carson painted his dresser blue, green and hot pink. Also, he painted his nipples yellow and his toes blue. Yay. Not.

Mr X has to work today. Every Saturday. Then he's coming over to free the mower. *I* mowed with the ride on mower for the first time Thursday. I'm told I did a crappy job. Or rather, that the MOWER did a piss poor job. And right now, the mower is "stuck" in my yard. And since it belongs to someone else...he needs to free it and get it back "home", where it belongs.

So, off I go to turn my room into an "Under the Sea" vision for 3 yr old eyes...hope I can do that without getting seasick.

Happy weekend all. Get some need it.

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