Monday, July 31, 2006

Flashback To 1986...

That was the year I graduated from high school. Yep. 20 years ago. Boy, I was so young and dumb. Still dumb. But not so young. Remember that you would argue and break up (and get back together) with your boyfriend over the STUPIDEST things? Well, that hasn't changed either. Moonpie and I were getting along so well and then I went to Galveston with the kids for a week. I had a teeny tiny fender bender while I was there. You know those poles they put around gas pumps to keep you from mowing the pumps down? Well, it is a VERY good idea. Needless to say--Moonpie was very...angry with the state of the truck when we got home. I almost lied and said that someone must have side swiped me in the Wal Mart parking lot--but I decided to tell the truth--look where it got me. Things were VERY tense around here. I was ready to leave. I was/am sick of being treated like I am 14. So I threw a temper tantrum (alot like a 14 year old might throw). Long story short...we are made up--sorta.

Last week Caden was diagnosed with yet another series of double ear infections! And a viral infection called herpangina (sounds like herpes of the 'gina--but it's not). He had blisters on his legs and fingers and even in the mouth and throat. He ran 103* fever. He was miserable. Wouldn't/Couldn't eat. Sleep. Have fun. But he is better now. On day 7 of another round of antibiotic--OH! and his eczema was AWFUL too. Did I tell you that Carson had strep throat again too? And his tonsils are so enlarged that they are talking surgery for him too? Agh. We are in the poor house and two kids need surgery (Caden=tubes)--3 kids need school clothes and the checking account needs funds! Ah well...we are still lucky. We all semi like each other--no collection agency have our number (yet). And all our animals are alive and kicking. And the roof doesn't leak. But that may be on account that it hasn't rained here in months.

School starts on the 22nd here. I can not wait!! Caden got a new haircut--I shaved his head. He looks so much like Carson now it is hilarious. Ok, gotta dash--Caden is screaming. SOunds like a bumped head to me....

Friday, July 07, 2006

Me And Moonpie, Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

OK. We made up. Big Time. Big Talk. Big Action on both our parts. New Promises. New Vows. New Resolutions that we both want to work on.

He has really worked hard to be more positive and to be more complementary. To help out more. To work on his abrasive (not abusive) discipline. I have worked really hard to try and put myself first and be positive too. His biggest complaint was that I always seemed ran down and depressed LOOKING. Like I didn't care about myself. So, I started REALLY working out at the gym. 4 times (in a row) last week! I've been conscious of my appearance. I knew Moonpie was right when one day, I got dressed before noon and put make-up on and Carson said "You look real pretty Momma. Where are you going?" And I wasn't "going" anywhere. I like working out. I didn't think I would, since I HATE to sweat. But it is nice to have that time to myself. I plug my headset into the treadmill and I can watch an entire show on A&E without being interrupted! I can walk up steep hills and watch MTV! My heart beats hard and fast. I sweat. I have even lifted a few weights and can already "feel" a difference in my arms. My kids even like the nursery there. And I am taking them swimming in the "big" indoor pool later this evening.

I started donating plasma again this week. I didn't realize how much I missed it. I felt SO good afterwards. My doctor released me this week. I will have to see him just once more, in a month. I still have swelling and minor pain (more like discomfort) when sitting, wearing anything other that work out pants. He said. "It'll take time. That was a big tumor for such a small space." So, I guess I still need patience when it comes to my hoo-ha getting back in racing condition! tee hee...Although Moonpie did take it for a test drive...slow and steady wins the race! My doctor said "I think once the swelling goes away, you will really be pleased with the cosmetic appearance!" Uh....? Is that his way of saying "Boy! Was it UGLY before...But I gave you a face lift down there and it will be "Hustler" ready in no time!"??

Josh and Tara (my bro/cousin and his wife) had their baby boy on July 3rd at 11:35PM. Travis Lowell A. 7# and 12 oz. Mom has a 4th degree tear--O-U-C-H. Her labor was VERY long. There was meconium, decels and the cord around his neck times TWO. He came out so fast (once he decided to get the show on the road) that he literally SHOT thru the cord that was wrapped around his neck! He just shot thru the loops! He has a head full of dark hair. I can't wait to hold him and see Brother with him! He sounds like the Proudest Papa. We (the kids and I) are going to the beach next week. So we will get plenty of pictures and get lots of baby boy lovin'.

I am feeling good, healthy and whole. I love my husband and I want to have a GOOD anniversary in October. All appears right with the world (right now). OK, gotta go, the kids are ready to hit the pool!!

Hugs all around for all the comments and I even "heard" some of you--even tho you said (or typed) not a word. Love you, my "sister friends".