Monday, August 28, 2006

You Know You Are Old When...

9:42Pm Monday August 28th: Omg. I will be 38 tomorrow. That is, like, waaaay tooooo close to 40 for comfort, man.

I am half drunk on vodka and Sunny D. Drunk enough to be happy...but drunk enough to be sad too.

You know when you are OLD!? When no one asks you to dinner and drinks for your Birthday--but your sister calls and asks you to BREAKFAST for your birthday. Geez.
Guess there is nothing to cheer you up after that but a piece of a$$ from your 43 year old husband.

Gotta go before the buzzzzz wears off. Happy Eve Before My Birthday....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Welcome To Bellvue...

I saw a documentary on A&E tonight. About Bellvue. And all the people who are checked in. They check 30 to 60 people into the ER every SINGLE DAY. Depressed suicidals. Bi Polar. Schizos. You name it. It was very interesting. Very. It made me very grateful and also so sad. I know I have my own "crazy" problems, but these poor souls were so sad. So lost. I felt like I was sane in comparison. I mean, I *know* I'm not insane...But I mean my anxiety and depression is nothing compared. And my heart ached for them. They were/are so sad. You can tell they don't want to be "crazy"...They want to be normal. Have normal lives. Live productive lives... And they have been on every medication available...And yet they still can't find that "magic" pill, the one that will set them free. Anyhoo--if you get A&E, you should check it out. Very informative too. Pray for them--or feel free to lay out some carrots for the carrot god if you don't pray.

On to other news. Carson's teacher sent a blue ribbon home on Friday. Seems Carson is always checking on the fish in the room--making sure they are healthy and happy. Gooooooo Carson!! Claudia's teacher held a small lecture on the correct and incorrect ways to show our friends we care. On the "no-no list": No kissing on the playground! I think she got the hint. There was no kissing in Friday--but she says she still has the boyfriend! Calie performed twice last week with the drill team. "Meet the Eagles" night and then a performance for all the teachers in the LISD. Friday is the first "home" game...that means the whole team will be in their Friday Night Dress outfits (that we still haven't paid for--eeek)! I can't wait to take pictures--and I plan on being at the pep rally too to video and take pictures.
Caden just finished his antibiotic--and is still having a runny nose and acting like he feels bad--and digging in his ears. He has a follow up on Aug 31st.

My throat is still hurting. My head still throbbing. Did I tell you it's strep? I took day 3 of my antibiotic today--I expect a miraculous recovery tomorrow. Hope you all are well!

Oh! Moonpie and I are doing good. His has been off Mon-Thursday for the past 2 weeks and will have that schedule next week too. Usually I hate for him to be home that much. But it hasn't been unbearable. We applied for a personal loan to pay off two high interest credit card loans. I can NOT wait to pay them off. Our payments on the personal loan will be about $200 cheaper and we can have it paid off in 2 years--at the rate we were going on the credit cards it would have been about 10 years to get them paid for. Whew.

I have been thinking that next year I may apply to be a PreK Teachers aide. Which at first seems silly--since I can't get MY kids to mind and I have little patience for them--but I really think I can do a good job. I think it will be good practice for me--and I will feel needed and important! Kids *really* like me (toot toot--that's me tooting my own horn). And I am FUN. Really. I am. No...for REAL! haha Anyway, we will see. Just an idea.

Well, it is 8PM and I have to get the kids in bed--trying to stick to the schedule--even on weekends. Hugs to all.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm One Sick Pup...

I feel awful. My head hurts something fierce. My throat is scratchy and sore.

School started 3 days ago. Carson is in PreK. Barely. On the second day his teacher met me outside of his classroom and shut the door (uh oh). Seems he can't mind (duh). Plus a bunch of So, Moonpie and I have a conference with his teacher and possibly the counselor and the PRINCIPAL. Today. After school. sigh. I love this child. But he is hard to handle. More on this situation soon.

Claudia is in Kindergarden. Yesterday she told me she had a new boyfriend. No big deal. She has boy and girl friends....right? But then later I heard her tell Mimi on the telephone that she KISSED this boy on the playground!!!! So I warned her teacher this morning. WATCH my kid on the playground before she is expelled for sexual harassment! gee.

Calie is a sophomore. gawd. 2 senior (SENIOR!!!) boys like her. She got her drill team uniform yesterday. She is so freaking hot in it. Like "ooooh mama" hot. I don't think I'll make it this year.

Caden is the only baby home. And he still takes naps!!! yeeehawwwww!!

Next week I'll really start blogging again....I might have more than 30 seconds to myself alllll day!

I turn 38 soon. (next week) I'm getting old.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

HIgh On Life (And A Little Vodka Never Hurt)...

I am now, as I sit and write this....drunk. So don't hold it against me. I will now stop correcting y mistaakes.

I went over to a friends house (less than a mile away on black top covered back roads leading to NOWHERE) and the husband offerred nme a vodaka and OJ. I Accepted. It was strong. I left my kids at home with Moonpie. I an feeling NO PAIN. I am feeling like Fun Fun FDun/. I played with Carsin in the floor for ever. He LOVED it. Even *I* found it humurous. I laughed and lauged. I promised Moonpie some acts thqt are better left to the imaginaation. He scoffed. Said I would b e asleep before the acts were carried out. We will see. Oh, we will see. He isn;t aware that I have 6 oz of vodka in my car. hidden away in a Dallas Cowboys baby bottle(not Cadens--someones hope that my friend would have a boy--she didn;t...had a 3rd girl).

Moonpie might feels his age (41), LATER TONIGHT (oops, caps was on) whem his 37 (almost 38)year old wife shows im what she is made of. HAHA that is funny. If you only knew how I am more of a "lay there and make lists. even tho it is GOOD" participant. He is definatley a good partner--but I just have no drive (except in my mind, with, say, Brad Pitt...or some dude that lives with a friewnd of a friend of a friend kinda thing).

So. It is 8:15PM. That is early to be drunk. I have to try and wait out 3 babies and a teenager....

Ok, I might have to admit defeat, but only this once......