Monday, December 10, 2007

I Am Still Living...

Alot has happened. Calie=worse teenage behaviour ever--don't say 'they all go thru it' or I will come thru the computer and kill you (only barely kidding). At least I am not going to be a gma (yet).

Carson was switched to Strattera for his ADHD. Doing better--but his teacher is already talking of holding him back next year. Sigh. For godsake, he is only in Kgarden!! He is very very smart--but behind socially and behaviourally. In other words, smart as a 5 year old but immature as a 3 year old. Example: CPS was called to our house (loooooong story) and while I was visiting with the representatives Carson was angry that I couldn't give him all my attention--so he peed in the toybox. Niiiice.

Claudia is becoming a angel/devil. Somedays she can be so hateful. She constantly slips notes under Calie's doore like "Calie is a cry baby" or "Calie is mean and fat" or "Calie is grounded. Love, Dad" Then she can be sweet and draw a card for every person she knows telling them how much she like them and how she wants them to come over for a tea party or for an ice cream party.

Caden is showing his assertiveness by throwing toys (usually AT people), biting and pulling the hair if his siblings then running off to hide. He can talk better now. Tho we went in to see the ear, Nose, Throat guy and his tubes were coming out and he had an ear infection on once ear. sigh. He calls me "ma" and Moonpie "d". Sometimes he feels like talking in an Italian accent and putting an "ah" sound on the end of some words. "Get up-Ah, Ma. Want Juice-Ah." "I go with D-Ah in his truck-Ah." "Leave me alone-Ah!" "Go Away-AH!!"

We now have 15 cats/kittens. Moonpie keeps saying he will get rid of some of them--but it's hard to tell him which ones I don't want. We now have one in the house--he is Claudia's cat. His name is "Dirty Boy". We also have Ink, Milo, Hissy, Her sister Pissy, Lilly Belle (had a looong time), Tiger, Baby Jane and her 3 babies (one drowned in the dogs huge water bucket) and a few that don't have names--cause they are hard to catch.

My Gma. My Gma discovered she had congested heart failure. She failed a stress test and then she went in and had a heart cath and had open heart surgery the very next day, on Halloween Day. Claudia turned 7 on Nov 1st--and my gma passed away on Nov 2nd and 1AM. At the visitation Claudia went with us as she was sooooo close to mawmaw. Claudia spent the whole time at the casket, smoothing away mawmaws hair from her forehead and holding her hand. She took her High School Musical necklace off and put in the casket with mawmaw.

It has been very hard for me. Mawmaw was always the first one I called if the kids did something funny or they were sick--. Now I can't do that. She made the best cornbread. She was a real homegrown cook. Made banana bread (Moonpies favorite). Was the Queen of "dollar store" shopping. I know Wal-Mart is missing her too. I can remember her stopping to pick a lone shoe up on the side of the road "in case we see the other one in a few miles". She would buy sized 42 pants on sale for $1.00 even if NO ONE wore that size--cause you never know when someone may wear that size! And it was "Only $1.00". She brought me a tooooon of food when Moonpie left me--later I discovered that 80% was past their expiration dates.

I now wear a ring of hers on my finger. And have a few more put away (her Mothers ring). Pieces I may never wear but pieces I love. I have a few of her plants and am determined to keep them alive--the Christmas cactus is starting to bloom...

Moonpie is home now. We both are in counseling--but not together (yet). My psychiatrist sent me a Dear John letter, she is moving to Ft Hood in Texas and is dropping all her patients here--so we have to find a new doctor. sigh.

This past weekend Caden, Carson and I have had the most dreadful virus. Won't go into much detail but I have to wash my sheets (AGAIN) and every blanket/sheet/pillowcase/towel in the house today. And spray everything with Lysol (again). And I feel so weak and tired. You wouldn't believe how long it has taken me to type this post.

My best friends husband just found out on Friday that he is bipolar too. I feel so sorry for her. And for him. I hope I am not as big an ass to Moonpie as her husband is to her.

Can't get into the Christmas Spirit...but I received my 1st Christmas card today--made me smile. Vicki, I love you, man!

Hope everyone is well.Estella, sorry bout your braces--cant seem to post comments on your blog ( ). But Calie is having brace issues as well...our treatment was to last 31 months and we are past that. Can you say "out of pocket"? If only she had worn her bands like she was it will be early Summer before they are off...brat.

Excuse typos (or kissmyass).