Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Might Have Been Born At Night, But Not LAST Night...

Calie and a friend of hers watched the kids so Moonpie and I could go out to eat last night. After we finished dinner Moonpie decided we would go get Calie a new TV (hers broke about 6 months ago). So we get home about 9PM. I play with the kids and lay on my bed watching cartoons with them while he hooks up the TV, DVD and DirectTV.

I went to sleep about 11PM. Moonpie came to bed about 2AM.

The girls had drill team practice at 10AM but did NOT want to go or get up--I forced them. I'm a mean bitch. Moonpie drove them to practice then came home to work on the DirectTV in her room--it wasn't working...and he found clues leading him to believe that they snuck out last night...snuck out the bathroom window, AFTER 2AM...

When will she learn? Maybe she won't. He took her cell phone away from her (OMG--she may diiiiiieeeee). They said they snuck out (and met a boy) and drove to a friends house and watched a movie... sigh. My therapist tells me that this is all "normal" teenage behaviour...I guess I want her to be abnormal like I was and NOT sneak out.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

He Is Definatley A Boy...

Carson has Moderate (not) to Severe (yep) ADHD. He tets my patience, my sanity, my ability to hold off on homicide on a daily basis. Yet, I love him more than them all. I have to. Because everyone else has a deep roted fear or disqust of him.

Right now, behind my bed he has thrown a broken raw egg. A soda bottle that he *says* he peed in. And an orange from 2 months ago. My bed weighs 2 tons. I can't move it unless I take the whole thing apart. Not gonna happen. PS: nothing stinks (yet). He is really into spitting lately. I hope it's not a "tick" associated with Tourettes. But I can ask about it tomorrow at his psychiatrist appt. I haven't been consistent in giving him meds because he deerves a break this summer (I think). I do medicate him if we will be in public (ie Birthday party) or stuck inside alllll day. But I don;t know if it really makes enough of a difference. When he comes down off his meds he is very whiny and clingy. Like 'in your face' clingy. The whining will make your ears bleed. Or your ulcer.

The other night I was sitting on the couch with him watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltles and he looked up at me and said "Mama, your hair looks better hanging down" (I had it clipped up). So I undid the clip and fluffed my hair and said "Like this?" And he said "yeah, now your hair is as poofy as the rest of you". I said "Huh? Where am I poofy?" Carson replied "Your legs, yor butt and your tummy". So matter of fact. Like he was still giving me a compliment. Just like the males in his species--can't give a compliment and in seem sincere. Boys!

PS: He kept leaning over During the moving and kissing my arm or hand (his "male" way of saying "I'm sorry?")!