Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day...

Today is Father's Day. Me and the kids bought CB a Tshirt at Wal Mart. I bought one for Mr X also...for his kids to give him. I remember at Mothers's Day... CB didn't have anything from then kids. I got things they made at school. He didn't help them at all. And that's OK. But still. You'd think, wouldn't ya, since I was married to him for 19 years...Oh! Never mind.

I went and saw Mr X yesterday. At his parent's house. His kids were there. And I had 3 of mine. They all played together well. Mr X and I sat in lawn chairs by the pond--in the shade, its hotter than you-know-what here now. My electric bill for May was $161. OMG! He's doing better--but still sick. He went to the hospital a few days ago--and he's STILL sick...oh well.

CB picks the kids up in 45 minutes. YAY!! I've about had enough. Really.

We went to see my parents today. They are in town because my Uncle's brother is about to die-he has cancer. And my cousin/brother and his wife and son are here too. It was nice to see them. Little T (that's what Claudia calls him) is soooo cute...he's almost 2. It was funny to hear him calling Claudia...he looooves Claudia. I wore as red shirt and the kids did too--I had Josh's wife take our picture at my grandma's house--it's pretty good...but Claudia's in a bad mood. Even CALIE went with us!!! She was going to spend the night last night but said her Dad would be mad. (??!!)

Mr X is supposed to come over later...but he still seemed sick yesterday. I called him today to say "Happy Father's Day" earlier and he said he was feeling better, but who knows. Haven't heard from him since. My "illness" makes my mind wonder if he's not tired of me already...but my "sane" mind tells me he's still sick. He's not funny when he's sick. At all. Depressing actually. I have to keep him healthy.

I tried to mow my yard earlier, but the stinking mower wont start...I have a neighbor/friend who borrowed my mower and it hasnt started right since then--he says its the throttle...but I'm mechanically handicapped. So, I'll ask CB to start it when he I can push mow 1 acre. Yahooooo. (not!)

Ok, so I'll confess....I'm not divorced yet. Not even filed. Moonpie was supposed to do it weeks ago. We have to "agree" on custody and everything else first. His conditions were CRAZY to me. He wants to pay my part of the equity in the house out at $50 bi weekly. I took NOTHING from the house. Except my clothes, a few clothes for the kids and MY TV (that Mimi bought me when I got out of the nut house). He wants the kids 3 days/nights per week---HIS days off. *I* get them EVERY weekend. He want to pay me $400 bi weekly in child support (he made $70,000 last year) and pay ALL their medical insurance, copays and RX. He wants "the NO SHACK UP cause"...Please. And he wants me to not be able to take the kids out of the school district they are now in.

My response was..."YOU dont get to tell ME who stays at MY house". "You need to get an appraisal of the house ASAP...and if/when you sell the house you pay my part IN FULL at closing". "You can pay me $100 bi weekly in the meantime since I took basically NOTHING from the home we had". So, instead of a civil divorce--I'll probably have to hire an attorney and stick it to him--could get ugly.

Oh. The best part?? He's dating my best friend (doesn't that make her my EX best friend??). More power to them. She's going through a divorce too. Not a pretty one either. Ah! Makes ya long was this going on?? Who cares??

So...this has been a fabulous day. Hahaha. Not. I'm in a grand ole mood. Think I'll get drunk. Pass out--before Sweets starts snoring...

Friday, June 13, 2008

And So It Continues...

Guess who is STILL sick? Not me. Mr X. He's MAJOR ill. Had-to-go-to-the-hospital ill. Went to the doctors twice. Had 3 shots. 2 or 3 diff antibiotics. And he's STILL sick. Geez. I feel sooooo bad for him. And I can't DO anything. It makes me so sad. I know he feels awful. He's lost 10 lbs. I haven't seen him since Tuesday night. May not seem like much to you... but remember when you were first in love? You want to spend every minute you can with them... and when you can't--it physically HURTS? Yea. Like that.

He's at his Mom and Dads house. I hope they are taking good care of him. LOL Me and the kids may go out there tomorrow...check on him. His parents have a pond. Ducks. Chickens. Trampoline. Playhouse. Lots of beautiful yard to run around in... the kids loooove it out there.

Mr X is taking vacation next week. Gonna work on that house he's building. And probably get himself sick again working in this humid/heat. Wish I could take off and make him sandwiches and take him some tea to drink... Or just sit around and watch him work and listen to him joke around....and laugh.

I just want him well. I want my funny, happy Mr X back. To be honest, I even miss his snoring. Well....almost. My next big project is to get him to the doctor for his sleep apenea. I just got certified in CPR...and every night I think "I'm gonna have to do CPR on him!!" And you cant just poke them and they quit either. It's relentless. Whether he's on his back, stomach or side...OMG!!! It's awwwful. He's slept on the couch the last few times he's stayed over...and I had to shut my bedroom door to go to sleep, his snoring was SO loud.

So, any advice? I mean, other than ear plugs?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Sick As A Dog...

I've been so sick... So has Mr X. We both have been soooo sick. We both went to the doctor on Thursday. I had a sinus infection, lower respiratory infection and a UTI. Sweets has strep throat. OMG. We both are on antibiotics. And feel like crap.

I just took Mr X to his parents house. He'll recoup there until Monday. So, I'm sad. I won't see him until Monday. Doesn't seem like a long time to you--but it will feel like a lifetime to me.

I feel terrible--and he's not here. So now I feel worse.

And the kids are here... so I can't even REALLY feel bad... I have to be "on" all the time they are here. And all I feel like doing is getting drunk. and passing out. And laying in bed. And moaning in pain.

It's going to be a loooong weekend...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Meeting The Parents...

I've already met Mr. Xs parents. That was fun.

His Dad was very nice...I was expecting an ogre...based on Mr. X's description. But he was nice. He even hugged me when I left--wow! Mom's was nice too. We played pool and Monopoly with the kids. It really was fun. I think I may have passed the "mom and dad" test.

My parents are in town for a funeral right now. And tonight I'm taking Mr X over to met them. I KNOW he will pass the test. They are excited to meet him. I'm excited to show him off. I'm so proud of him. He's soooooo good. So good to me. Good to my kids... And eager to help me with them without stepping on toes or over stepping bounderies. He's so calm. But they WANT to please him and mind him--why cant they do that for me??

The kids went to CB's Sunday night, and I dont get them back until Thursday after work. I miss them. But 10 minutes after they get home they will be on each others nerves and mine. And I'll be praying it was Sunday night again.

So, I gotta go get ready to show my beau off. And he isnt feeling well--a cold or something. He ran fever all night--and hogged, I was up alot too. I hope we get to bed at a decent hour tonight. I need some rest. I'll let ya know how the "meeting" goes--tho I can see into the future and I know they will love him as much as I do...and that's aloooooot.