Friday, June 13, 2008

And So It Continues...

Guess who is STILL sick? Not me. Mr X. He's MAJOR ill. Had-to-go-to-the-hospital ill. Went to the doctors twice. Had 3 shots. 2 or 3 diff antibiotics. And he's STILL sick. Geez. I feel sooooo bad for him. And I can't DO anything. It makes me so sad. I know he feels awful. He's lost 10 lbs. I haven't seen him since Tuesday night. May not seem like much to you... but remember when you were first in love? You want to spend every minute you can with them... and when you can't--it physically HURTS? Yea. Like that.

He's at his Mom and Dads house. I hope they are taking good care of him. LOL Me and the kids may go out there tomorrow...check on him. His parents have a pond. Ducks. Chickens. Trampoline. Playhouse. Lots of beautiful yard to run around in... the kids loooove it out there.

Mr X is taking vacation next week. Gonna work on that house he's building. And probably get himself sick again working in this humid/heat. Wish I could take off and make him sandwiches and take him some tea to drink... Or just sit around and watch him work and listen to him joke around....and laugh.

I just want him well. I want my funny, happy Mr X back. To be honest, I even miss his snoring. Well....almost. My next big project is to get him to the doctor for his sleep apenea. I just got certified in CPR...and every night I think "I'm gonna have to do CPR on him!!" And you cant just poke them and they quit either. It's relentless. Whether he's on his back, stomach or side...OMG!!! It's awwwful. He's slept on the couch the last few times he's stayed over...and I had to shut my bedroom door to go to sleep, his snoring was SO loud.

So, any advice? I mean, other than ear plugs?

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