Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Meeting The Parents...

I've already met Mr. Xs parents. That was fun.

His Dad was very nice...I was expecting an ogre...based on Mr. X's description. But he was nice. He even hugged me when I left--wow! Mom's was nice too. We played pool and Monopoly with the kids. It really was fun. I think I may have passed the "mom and dad" test.

My parents are in town for a funeral right now. And tonight I'm taking Mr X over to met them. I KNOW he will pass the test. They are excited to meet him. I'm excited to show him off. I'm so proud of him. He's soooooo good. So good to me. Good to my kids... And eager to help me with them without stepping on toes or over stepping bounderies. He's so calm. But they WANT to please him and mind him--why cant they do that for me??

The kids went to CB's Sunday night, and I dont get them back until Thursday after work. I miss them. But 10 minutes after they get home they will be on each others nerves and mine. And I'll be praying it was Sunday night again.

So, I gotta go get ready to show my beau off. And he isnt feeling well--a cold or something. He ran fever all night--and hogged covers...so, I was up alot too. I hope we get to bed at a decent hour tonight. I need some rest. I'll let ya know how the "meeting" goes--tho I can see into the future and I know they will love him as much as I do...and that's aloooooot.


Anonymous said...

Look how happy you are! Three blogs in 5 days. Is that a record?


Anonymous said...

Your Sweets passed with flying colors!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're back. I missed you. And I'm happy your so happy (estatic!). It's about time.


Anonymous said...

You sound very happy!! I think about you and always wonder how you are. We need to catch up sometime