Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm One Sick Pup...

I feel awful. My head hurts something fierce. My throat is scratchy and sore.

School started 3 days ago. Carson is in PreK. Barely. On the second day his teacher met me outside of his classroom and shut the door (uh oh). Seems he can't mind (duh). Plus a bunch of So, Moonpie and I have a conference with his teacher and possibly the counselor and the PRINCIPAL. Today. After school. sigh. I love this child. But he is hard to handle. More on this situation soon.

Claudia is in Kindergarden. Yesterday she told me she had a new boyfriend. No big deal. She has boy and girl friends....right? But then later I heard her tell Mimi on the telephone that she KISSED this boy on the playground!!!! So I warned her teacher this morning. WATCH my kid on the playground before she is expelled for sexual harassment! gee.

Calie is a sophomore. gawd. 2 senior (SENIOR!!!) boys like her. She got her drill team uniform yesterday. She is so freaking hot in it. Like "ooooh mama" hot. I don't think I'll make it this year.

Caden is the only baby home. And he still takes naps!!! yeeehawwwww!!

Next week I'll really start blogging again....I might have more than 30 seconds to myself alllll day!

I turn 38 soon. (next week) I'm getting old.


Anonymous said...

Let me know how it goes... I BETTER be the first one you call!!! You know I love and support you in everything.

Anonymous said...

Back to blogging next week?! I can't wait! Good luck with the meeting - update us. We had k orientation today. How has my little guy gotten so big? Thanks for the post. vic