Sunday, July 03, 2005

Yes, Sir! That's MY baby...

Guess who slept 5 hours last night!? Therefore letting ME sleep 5 hours last night!? That's right, the boys in my house let their Momma sleep. Caden slept for 5 hours in the bassinet before needing boob. And Carson slept IN HIS ROOM (but in bed with Claudia) until 5:30AM then he got in bed with me)! I almost feel human today. Almost.

I cut Claudia's hair (again) last night. She looks like a Pixie. It is adorable, if I do say so myself. Why do we (as a whole) feel like a girl has to have LONG hair to be adorable!? My MP subscribes to this religion--and I hate it. Short hair *IS* cute. And I've got the 4 year old to prove it!!

PS: MP is a psychic -he has been nicer. But he aint asking or getting ANY "you-know-what".

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