Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day 4. I Can't Take Much More...

Head still aching. Throbbing. Pulsating. Making my jaw tight. My eyes hurt. I want to climb in a dark, cold closet. With several vicodin and several alcoholic beverages. Except I feel a little sick to my stomache too.

I need to clean my house. I need to do laundry. I need to mow my yard. Clean the parrots cage--THEY don't even want to be in there anymore. I neeeeed to play with my kids. My real kids...not those brats I *teach* every day. THEY are getting on my lassssst nerve. I had 13 Tuesday by myself. This morning I had 15 by myself. I told the front desk that if I didn't get help ASAP--I was walking out the door and SHE could take 'em. She took my 3 youngest and my 3 oldest--and left me with the 9 worst ones. Gah.

I have chewed the top layer off the right side of my tounge. Which makes me want to worry with it even more. I havent shaved in 5 days (that is HIGHLY unusual for me). I feel gross. Look gross. Act gross.

One of my 3 yr olds in my class is suddenly pulling her pants down at nap time (WTF??). And raising her shirt. I have NOOOOO idea why. But it stresses me. Worries me. She wants to take ballet. I told her ballet dancers dont act like that (another kind of dancer does tho). But this afternoon I have to tell Mom. NOT looking forward to that. Parents can be funny sometimes. Sometimes, not so funny.

Pretty sure the ex is having a midlife crisis. It's sad. Mainly for my kids. One of whom knows about it all. THAT is the saddest part.

We are getting sheetrock in our house RIGHT NOW!! It is beginning to REALLY look like a house. I noticed there didn't seem to be plumbing for a dishwasher... HE was shocked and flabergasted. I told him "no problem. We'll just have Claudia, C and V as our dishwashers." He better be glad he said "Oh we WILL have a dishwasher!!" Cause I was NOT kidding about child labor...I had to wash dishes when I had 3 kids--one in a sippy cup, the other on the bottle. I got on my knees, fist raised in the air and said "As God is my witness...I will NEVER hand wash dishes again!!"

If I wake up tomorrow with this headache--I will take my kids to school--call in sick...go to Direct Care and get a shot to knock my ass out. Oh, and my headache out. This is ridiculous. Sednd me "go away headache" vibes. They look like this ">>>>>**@**<<<<<"

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