Saturday, May 20, 2006

If You Give A Man A Chainsaw...

He will cut stuff up.

My sister. Bless her heart. She came home yesterday around 3:15PM to find that the HUGE oak tree that shaded her boys "fort", no longer did so. Her mighty oak was missing more than a few limbs. And the evidence was strewn all over her driveway and yard. She found a note from the local electric or phone idiots (forget which group was responsible) saying "We'll be back on Monday to finish the job". She is, to put it mildly, PISSED. She tells me that limbs that were not interfering with any "lines" were cut off. That her gate (you have to open her gate to get on her property) wasn't latched and that one of her dogs was roaming the neighborhood. They threw a nasty cigarette package on the ground, too. She is not happy. She has hinted that she will be there on Monday with a firearm, barring access to her property. If I was them...I'd be scared. I hope she doesn't get arrested. I am short on bail money this month.

She may be short. She may look meek and mild (actually she doesn't). But she carries a huge can of Texas-sized "Whoop Ass"--and she WILL open it up on ya. If I was brave I'd hide in her house and catch it all on tape. But I'm afraid. Very afraid.


Anonymous said...

hey martie. i'm so glad to see you have a blog. doesnt it make keeping up so much easier?? stephen does the "smofamily" blog - it's his thing. i do mine on myspace - maybe one day they'll combine lol - and have babies!

i was sad to hear about the tumor junk going on with you. what's up with that? you're not gonna get all nasty sick on me are you? i cannot handle 7 kids and i know you'd give your kids to me if you were to bite the dust - come on - who wouldnt leave their kids to me? :) but seriously - no! i have enough. thanks for asking though. :)

i did shake my head at you reading all the ear infection stuff. how long's it gonna take you people to learn to stop giving antibiotics to your kids for ear infections? that's why they get them over and over and over and over and... they cant build up any immunity! and 85% of the damn things are viral anyway! the minute i stopped giving jackson (who got them repeated also) antibiotics for the things, he stopped getting them. otherwise, it was every six weeks. (typical for kiddos who get the pink crap for their ear infections). next time, try a homeopathic ear drop (like similison (sp?) or something like that..) works great on pain, calms the ear down, kids get over it and end up with some real immunity to the suckers.

anyway - we're in the middle of packing. we move saturday (next week) in with some friends here in corpus until our house is done (june 15th-ish). we're uhauling it too - which sucks, but saves us like 3000 dollars. yes please!

i want to see the oreo pic. :)

Anonymous said...

Man I miss Texas..