Saturday, April 07, 2007

REAL Mental Illness Ain't Funny...

Thursday I went and saw a psychiatrist. The meds I've been on were not doing what I needed them to do. You know, keep me sane. Safe, My kids safe too. I was unsure about this new doctor, his waiting room looked like Christmas. The tree was still up. Holiday cards fixed to the walls....weird.

When he finally called me in he asked me questions. I talked a blue streak. My knees were jumping up and down like CRAZY. I couldn't stop them. (I tried-hard)

So now I am Bipolar I. On Lithium(300mg 2x). Klonnipin(1mg 3x per day) Effexor XR (150mg) and Trazadone 50mg. I am a druggie. And a lifetime of crazy--there is no cure for this. And I can pass it along to my kids.

I'm not happy.


Anonymous said...

Much love to you. vic

Anonymous said...

Martie, you live very close to one of the country's experts on bipolar disorder, Trisha Suppes, at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Do yourself a favor and get a real eval by an expert - get another opinion!!! Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Martie. Bi-polar is the ADHD of the new millenium. Seriously. Good advice about going to see Dr. Suppes. Or even just getting a second opinion from someone who acknowledges the rules regarding shifting seasonal decor. That right there would send me on a bender.
And no comfort this, but any of it can be passed on down...bipolar ain't nuthin special in that regard.

Xmas stuff in April? In the South? Surely, you know anyone with *any* sort of cred is familiar with the "no xmas decor between March and May" rule. After that, of course, it's ALways the most wonderful time of the year in Our Dear Dixie.


Kimmykay said...

Martie, Just thinking about you. That many med would make me look for at least 1 more opinion before committing. Good luck. You are a wonderful mom for looking at all this and wanting to "fix" it.

Sam said...

Hey hon, I'm hearing my own voice when I read this...especially the part about passing it down the line. I've been looking for a good online group specializing in the 'living' part of living with a mental illness...if I find one, my voices will let your voices know about it.

With you in spirit, as always