Friday, May 30, 2008

Geez..., And Now Back To Your Regular Program...

Alot has happened. I left Moonpie. Moved into my own cardboard box... dated a little. And fell in love twice. Once was a disaster. The second one is...well, its wonderful.

So... Let me tell you a bit. UPDATE....

Calie is living w Dad. Or, we will now refer to him as Clifford the Big Red Dog...CB for short. He bought her a brand new car. So she got a new car and gets to stay away from her brothers and sister.

Claudia was accepted into Gifted and Talented. Go figure--shes a smart ass, what can I say!! LOL She loves so irritate, istigate and frusterate her brothers. And me on occasion.

Carson has lost 2 teeth in the last week. He is adorable. His ADHD is realtively unde control--enough so that his teacher has decided he can advance to first grade (EEEEKKKKKKK). He is still a hand full. But precious and precocious.

Caden, Oh Caden. Talking up a storm. Back talking...told me to "shut up" this morning. Has been bitting in day care. Mean as a snake. But a favorite with all the ladies. Has a nick name there: Flash. Because if a door is left open he will a flash...

My new Beau. I'll call him....Mr. X...we play well together. I love him. I do. I do. I do.

Me...still crazy. Still on my meds. But happier than I've ever been--really, I can HONESTLY say that. Wow.

So, there's your update for now...more later.


Lora said...

You GO girl. You don't know how happy I am to read this. I'm so glad you are "in a different place" now. Keep on keepin on.


Anonymous said...

You sound so happy!!!!! I'm so happy for you!


Candy said...

Martie! You popped up on my feed the other day. So glad you are doing well and it sounds like you are in a much better frame of mind as well. Much love and think of you often.