Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bigger and Bigger...

Today was Caden's 2 month check up. He's getting so big. 13# 14oz and 24" long! 3 shots, too. He's a grumpy fellow now. Fever and all. But before he got cranky I was able to go to the mall and get my haircut (which I love) and a few new outfits to wear to the wedding on the Coast (July 9th). Since having Caden *I* feel big too...I now weigh 150lbs. I can remember when I first went in for my 2nd PG (with Claudia) and I weighed 130. So I had to debate buying new clothes in *this* size or waiting til I lost weight, but I am tired of wearing the 3 ugly/cheap outfits I have. So, I went and bought a few things NOW. And I even bought a size TEN skirt--surely it was mis sized? (and 2 pairs of size 12 pants)!! Now I won't feel like a W*al Mart crack whore...which is how I felt in those other costumes...er, clothes. haha.

Earlier Claudia needed my help: "Mama! Come wipe me--I pooped. And a bit of it looks like an EAGLE!!" That girl is tooo funny.

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