Sunday, June 26, 2005

You Need A Shower...

Today I went to my bf (J's) baby shower. She is due in like 5 weeks.A bunch of "girls" she goes to church with were throwing the shower. What a group of b*tches. There I sat in my jeans capris (maternity too--I'm still tooooo fat for my regular ole stuff), my maternity shirt (need that extra fabric to cover the stretchy band of maternity material) and my nasty feet (not really *nasty*....Just not...pedicured). And every single biatch there was dressed to the 9's...Well, not dressy/dressy. but very richy casual. Not a single T*arget flip flop or Wa*lMart skirt in sight. And every single sandaled toe was french manicured!!! I am *not* kidding either. I felt like a hobo ho. And they weren'y very christian-like either. Not one came up and introduced themselves. AmI jealous? Definatey. Felt really left out--my first time with real grown ups in a long time and no one wants to play with me.

Oh, J got alllllllllot of richy stuff too (and my W*alMart gifts)!!

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