Monday, February 13, 2006

The Fantabulous Four...

Carson will be 4 on Saturday. FOUR. Seems like last week he was 18 months old. Now he is almost four. A few weeks ago he started drawing his version of people! You know. They are big, round. No true "head". Just totally potato shaped. With long, string like arms and legs, no feet, no fingers. They just flow off the page. Huge eyes. And a straight across mouth. just "_________" like that! Some have scibbles of hair across the top. If you have hair. Some are bald. But ALL of them have smaller circles where their belly buttons would (should?) be. And then a scribble inside the smaller circle. I thought it WAS the belly button. But it seems we all have babies in our tummies. Daddy does. Claudia does. Everyone does.

He has been quite sweet lately, too. I have been proposed to daily. But I have to wait til he is "beg an srong" like Daddy is. But if we have a fight I am threatened with "ten I'm not gunna marrrry yew!" I tell him I'll be OK. I already have a husband right now. He doesn't care.

Sneaky. Oh, so sneaky. I just asked him what he was doing (can't see or hear him). The "nuttin'" always gives 'em away, doesn't it!? He was spraying Febreeze onto the cereal box. His reason? 'cause he wants cereal! geez.

He goes to the dentist Thursday. I'm making Moonpie take him. I will break out into a sweat and hives if I take him (plus I have a therapist appointment). Not because *I* am afraid of dentist--but because I KNOW he willl Frrrreeeeaaaakkkkk. He is so liable to bite someone. Or something. Moonpie has tons of patience for this sort of thing (mainly because there will be witnesses). He will be able to reason with him. I refuse to "reason". It just prolongs the tantrum, in my opinion. When someone needs a splinter removed with aid of a needle or they need to take medicine that taste like bubble gum flavored rat poison or even if they need drops inserted into their eyes--Moonpie has to do it. I want to hold them down and GET IT OVER WITH! He wants to take a 45 minute break and talk to them about how the medicine will help them feel better. The splinter will fester and get infected and they may need to see the DOCTOR for a (gasp!) shot. Or he will hem and haw about the drops and that it won't take but a second (plus 45 minutes) and then it will be allll over. Just the other day I was deeep cleaning my bedroom--took the mattress and box contraptions off (we used to call those boxed springs--but there are no springs in mine?)...and vacuumed under my massive king sized bed. And the I used furniture polish. Oh how it gleemed! Then as I was making the bed I heard "sssss". Claudia was trying to spray the polish. About then she did--into her face! I asked if she sprayed it in her eyes. She did. The can says flush with water immediately. I call to Moonpie. We go into the bathroom and she starts to freak out when she hears that we will have to pour water in her eyes. I swear...he started to reason with her. I said "Come ON! It says immediately--not after you explain it to a 5 year old!" Luckily he saw my reason (for once). You would have thought we were pouring finger nail polish remover into her eyes. But in 4-5 minute it was OVER. and she was fine. Bet she never sprays something in her eyes again.

OK, back to Carson. He is finally jealous of Caden. He tells me to "put him down". "There is only room for one boy in your lap--ME!" I've seen him push him down. Drag him by his legs down the hall (to get him away from a toy). Caden thinks he is the silliest thing around. Brotherly love. My first tiny boyfriend is getting big. Pre-school in July. A small bike with training wheels on Saturday. I hear him telling Caden now, in the kids room: "Babies can't play with that. Give it to me!"

He will be "beg an srong" soon. And I will be his Mama. Always.

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