Friday, February 17, 2006

OK, This Will Be Soooo Quick...

It is 12:45PM and I am still in my PJ's, the house is a WRECK and I'm hosting a birthday party tomorrow...Carson is in his underwear and Moonpie comes home today around 3PM. EEEKKKK.

Caden was diagnosed on Valentines Day with ear infections in both ears (AGAIN). This is the fourth round of this since Nov 15th. Ugh.

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Carson and Moonpie went to Dallas Wednesday, spent the night. They had a BLAST. Went to a few hunting/fishing/camping stores and basically *looked* at everything. When you are 4 looking at stuffed beavers, bears, deer, otters, coyotes and watching live bass fish swim in a tank and pretend riding around in new ($$$)boats is FUN.

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Calie...hmmmm. Same ole same ole. 15. Hermit-like. Subway obsessed.

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Claudia. My sweet girl. She is America's Next Top Model--check out her pose/makeup and hair! She did it all herself!

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Almost 2 weeks ago I got a form letter from our insurance company. Seems they are discontinuing to cover Effexor XR. *With* insurance it costs me about $35.00 per month. Not bad. Without coverage it will be something like $135.00 Needless to say... I was/am anxious. My doctor (remember Mr Personality {not really}?) didn't prescribe it to me--a real HEAD doctor did while I was in the Shrink Hotel (Looney Bin) but then my doc continued my prescription based on how well I do (most times) on it. So I freeaked thinking that my doc will not have a CLUE about putting me on something else... Then I find out that Effexor doesn't HAVE a sub. It is in a "class" by itself. Greeeeeeeeat. So, I went to my docs and had them write a 3 month RX...I'm gonna see if I can get a 90 day supply--that way I will have 3 months to find a new drug. wean off my Effexor--ramp up on the new stuff. OR plenty of time for me and my doctor (who is a big pussycat--he couldn't scare a flea) to fight the insurance company. I mean, you would think they would rather pay for my meds over paying for another in-patient stay. What do you think? $100.00 per month or $15,000 for 5 days? Or longer. hmmmm. They really don't want to fuck with a crazy chick. I *was* suicidal--homicidal could be next (I'm kidding in case you don't get my sense of humor)!!

My new dog "Halo" (who was an angel in December at 7 weeks) is contemplating a name change to "Pitchfork" or "Forked tongue" or "Lucifer"...He has chewed up about 10 pacifiers (or "pooties", as they are called by ME). He gets so happy sometimes that he weee-weees on you (Or my sister. Or the new friend I had over here a few days ago). He is quickly turning into a shithead. But he is SO darn CUTE.

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Josh and Tara (my bro and his new wife who is pregnate) are expecting a BOY in July. I am so thrilled. Gotta go through my baby boy clothes now!!

My sister FINALLY updated her blog. After I threatened to bring Carson over for a few days if she didn't do it. See the address below. OH, and if you have a quick connections, go see: There is some funny crap over there (not really crap--stuff). I saw about 30 seconds of video--took me 3.2 days to download (slight exaggeration) but it was so funny.

Gotta go. Things to do. Later gators

PS: Therapy appointment yesterday. Another verification that I am screwed up and that it may be too late to reprogram my brain--or maybe it is just too much work--If I got paid for trying to be sane I would already be rich--it is HARD work. And I am lazy.

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