Saturday, October 08, 2005

Growing Up...

Moonpie has had a hard time lately with Calie. They seem to argue more. She backtalks him. He loses his patience with her--she doesn't listen to him and follow directions. She is growing up. Horses have been a passion for her since she was probably 3. I mean, if she saw a horse in a pasture while he was driving she would yell out--and he would stop and let her go to the fence--and pet the horse--and he would even take pictures of her on the side of the road--petting some strange horse. We live in the country mainly so that she could have a horse. He has spent who-knows-how-much on the horse--and all the crap that goes with it. And lessons. I told him that she might outgrow this obsession--but he didn't believe me. It became "their thing". They went to shows. Rodeos. Lessons. 4H--heck they *both* are officers in their club. It was what they did together. They were VERY close.

And this year it is changing. Calie got boobs. And her period. And boys are interesting. And now she is on the phone with her friend--talking about boys. And she is wearing make-up and straightening her hair and shaving her legs. She asks my advice on how to hug a boy and "does this shirt look OK?" The other night our phone rang at 10PM--Cliff almost had a stroke. I understand and agree that no calls after 9PM is a good rule. But he really freaked out. He couldn't sleep. He had a long talk with her about "who you hang out with now helps develop WHO you are" and that some boys "know what to say to get you to do things you might not really want to do". He is sad. Horses aren't so important anymore. She hasn't rode her horse in almost 2 weeks. She didn't want to ride in the parade today--she went and spent the night with a friend and went to the football game instead. She is growing up. And it hurts. He has a hard time remembering HIMSELF at 14--and all the things that go along with it. Or maybe he does remember--and that's why he acts like he does.

She is growing up--and away from him...And it's hard. Hard for them both. And I feel stuck in the middle. I understand both of them. How Calie wants and needs to spread her wings a little. And how abandoned and hurt that Moonpie feels. It's almost like they are "breaking up". I hope they can, at least "be friends".

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Anonymous said...

Growing up is so bitter sweet- I hope he survives watching his little girl turn into a young lady