Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sample, Swab, Stick...

Took Carson to the doc yesterday. Had to see another ped--not our regular guy that we've had since 1991. Always hate seeing someone else--but sometimes you just gotta. Carson peed in the bathtub Monday night (as he normally, but grossly does) and by 9AM Tuesday he had yet to go again. So they had us come in. Plus, he was still running fever and ever time he eats one bite and I really mean it, ONE BITE of food he cries that his tummy hurts--so he isn't eating well AT ALL.

They wanted him to pee in a cup (Ba-ha-hahaha). Let's just say that he peed in the cup--and all over the toilet, wall and floor (and his shirt)! That was sooooo much fun to clean up. Then they wanted to swab his throat for strep. Seems there was another little boy in there earlier the same day with NO sore throat, no visible white patches or redness and his test came back positive--so they jabbed 2 swabs down Carson's throat. Then they said they wanted to stick h is finger and test his b-l-o-o-d. OMG. You would have thought they were cutting his arm off with a butter knife. He was SCREAMING. "You are 'urting me finger!! You are making me bweed. I am bweeeeeeding. Help. HELP! Mommy, help me!" OMG. Traumatic--I was scared now. Then we waited for EVER for all the results to be read. While waiting I imagine (high anxiety for me) that they come in and say: "We need him admitted to the hospital! More tests have to be done! He is ILL!"

But they come in and say (drumroll, please...): "It's viral. Nothing showed up in his urine or blood. Strep test was negative. Just give it a few more days."

I took him to the store and said "What do you want? What do you want to eat? I'll buy anything--if you will eat it." He picked out Gogurt and ice cream and some cookies. I gave him a cookie in the truck on the way home--he ate exactly 2 bites then threw up on his night-night (lovie/blanket). Complained of his tummy hurting. I got him to eat 1 piece of cheese last night and 4 cheetos. Today he ate 1 piece of cheese and 1/4 of a cookie before his tummy started hurting. He doesn't want ice cream now. Or Gogurt. Or cheetos. He will drink Gatorade and Koolaid and water. But he still isn't eating. He weighs 32 lbs and I fear he will shrink away to nothing. Or negative nothing. Maybe he has gone so long NOT eating that his tummy rebels at anything?

He has exactly today and tomorrow to eat SOMETHING (besides cheese) or I'm going to...Well, I am going to...OMG! What will I DO!? CALL THE DOCTOR---That's what I am doing. And demanding...Something.

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Anonymous said...

:( Oh your poor Carson. I'm here praying with you- its gotta get better soon.