Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Had Me Some Testicles Today...

This post was actually penned a week ago--but I had a humongous brain fart and lost my ability to log ont this blog thingy. But here it is now:

Today I grew huge testicles. And then I "manned up", took care of business and then, I'll admit it...I fondled them a little before giving them back.

I quit my job today. I did. I went in there and resigned, effective immediately. Well, I hugged a few kids, told them I loved them, cried a few tears AND then quit. I also hugged a Mom and whispered in her ear "I just quit". Her response? "Oh shit!"

It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. I'll miss those kids. I'll miss 73% of the people I worked with. The others? They can kiss my smooth, soft ass. I've got another job. Well, sorta. I've been told the job is mine. I just have to go down, apply and pass the background check. It's really a sucky job. But they have insurance. And it works for me hour wise and child care wise. Plus...no kids. Heck, really not many adults either. Alot of "alone with my MP3 player" time. No phones. So, it works for now.

Last Friday I ran into a guy who works at the opthamologists office that I used to work for. He was thrilled to see me and literally begged me to go back to work there. That made me think "I AM worth *something*". I'm not a bragger, but every job Ive ever had, when I left I was told "You are always welcome back". I work hard. So, it was all the incentive I needed to quit. So I did. And within hours I had a new job--without even trying. When these things (quitting/losing your job) happen... you find out who your friends are. I have friends. Good ones.

If something good happens to you--pay it forward. Life is all about Karma. I've been watching all the "My Name Is Earl" episodes (never watched it before last week)...Earl Hickey is on to something. Good things happen to good people. So, don't forget the guy next to you. All he may need is a kind word or a gentle smile.

PS: Someone I know went to court today. Subpoenaed. It all ended well. No perjury was committed (deeeep sigh...small chuckle).

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I know you are worth *something* - do you finally believe it? Enjoy that new job - no kids, few adults? I'll take it!

xoxo - vic