Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Mother Of All Headaches...

I've had an awful headache for 2 days. I thought it was a regular ole headache. Then my 17 (18 in January) daughter asked me to bring home a home pregnancy test. The headache got bigger. It was negative. But my headache didn't get smaller.

Found out that my ex husband is dating a ** year old AND a married 25 year old (FYI: HE is 45). My headache got bigger. My 17 year old is disappointed. Disgusted. As am I. She wants her Dad back--not the hormone ridden teenager she is living with.

My sweet, ADHD baby had a great week last week. But this week has already started off bad. He sat in OCS all day today for threatening to "cut" himself in school. And for throwing a two year old temper tantrum over having to put away his crayons. The headache grows.

I'm getting married on October 25th. Of this year. Like, less than 3 weeks. I don't have a place or minister to marry me. A dress. My kids clothes. A few flowers. Invitations. A cake. My head hurts.

The house he is building will not be ready after we marry. Not for a few weeks more. Where will we live? Here? The RV? His parents? Throb. Throb. My eyes. My cheeks. My teeth. All hurt.

I'm eating less. But gaining weight. My eyes became very itchy and swollen last night. Every day is a bad hair day. I can't get control of my house. Clothes are everywhere. I haven't seen the top of my dining room table in weeks. Something smells in here--and I can't find it. I suspect it's a sippy cup with milk in it... sigh. My head. My head. My aching head.

Today I had 13 three year olds on crack. BY MYSELF. And no liquor available. I was spit on. Told NO! NO! NO! Cleaned up 4 "accidents" in their pants. Suffered through a food fight. It took everything I had not to lock them all in the closet. My head is about to explode. I wanted to run from my classroom. Screaming...but it would only make my head ache more.

Then, I was offered 2 vicodin. I took 'em. Both. Two 750's. The pain is still there. sigh.

And now the debate is knocking on my head too. I need a gun.


Anonymous said...

You poor girl. Hopefully after the wedding bells have rung, you find a new job that pays you what you are worth and the ex grows the hell up the throbbing will subside. C'mon - a 17 year old? That's illegal where I come from. Ick.

love you - vic

Anonymous said...

Girl! We need to get with the invites or we will be doing it via text message! Call me and I will help anyway I can. It's not like you get married every year! just every 19 or so!!!