Thursday, October 16, 2008

On The Mend Of The Mind...

Ok, I am so tired. So this will ramble and make no sense to anyone, unless they have a brain deficiency, sorta like mine.

I didn't go to sleep yesterday. It was 1AM this morning. This was partly my fault. But I can't tell you how and keep my PG13 rating. I only got about 4 hours sleep. Because of the auditory hallucinations (buzzzzz, buzzzz, buzzzzzzzz) and the 17 yr old who came home at 3AM--I forgot to leave the storm door unlocked.

Today was evil at work. I had 14 three year olds on some sort of speed. One who had "bathroom" issues...and had corn for dinner last night. Please tell me you don't need more info. My boss, who pretends to be a bible quoting Christian... isn't so much of a Christian. Go figure.

Needless to say, without saying it all, that I will be job hunting as soon as I get home from the honeymoon. A job with insurance benefits would be best. Hell, WalMart almost looks good. And I heard FedEx was looking for delivery drivers. I look good in navy shorts. But I'll probably look into one of the local Health care Monstrosities. In either a clinic or hospital. I have patient services experience (check in/out, insurance verification, medical billing, medical records and scheduling). And the insurance package is the shizzle--I know, since "the ex" works for this hospital also...but as a respiratory therapist/nurse irritant. And I lose my benefits next Saturday. The minute I marry Sweets--no insurance for me. And Sweets doesn't have insurance either. He does have health care--he gets his health taken care of--he just has to pay full price for it!

My meds are working. I do not hear fluorescent lights going out... or people opening the storm door. I have all my clothes on. Right side out. I had bfast and lunch today. I'm talking at my normal 200 mph now. I still feel really hot. Not "nipple tweaking" hot... but "I am about to burst into flames and burn up" hot.

I have a dress to wear to my wedding, shoes, a cake, flowers (picked out) and when Sweets finds someone who has "the power vested" in them--we can REALLY get married. Because if he can't find a minister/pastor or justice of the peace to drive out to the sticks--our ceremony will be performed by white ducks who reside on the pond or my 7 year old daughter...who is a smarty pants.

Monday we will pick up the marriage license. Hope I don't have to show that I can perform wifely duties while parallel parking. We picked up his wedding band a few nights ago. Is a size 11 finger big? It's too big for my thumb. I haven't tried it on my big toe--yet. It just seems big to me. I mean, it fits his finger--but ELEVEN? Oh well. He's 6'1" (or 2)--maybe that's normal. Normal? Do *I* want normal? Nah.

OK, just read this and I'm still a little "off" sounding--more so than usual for me. So, before I tell you things that will make *you* blush and *me* ready to beat the latest record...

G'night. Sweets will be home soon. Kids are in bed, near sleep. And I hear a glass of wine calling my name.

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Anonymous said...

Wow- we really got a lot done during lunch yesterday! I had a blast spending time with you.
Love ya,