Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Ex Factor...

I was married for 19 years to my ex husband. The divorce itself wasn't "nice", but we do get along now. He pays me my equity check on time. I watch the kids extra for him several times per month. I call him if Caden shows progress at potty training. I call him on "report card" day to give him the low down... we get along.

My husbands (Sweets) ex, on the other hand... well, she's not so nice. It infuriates her to see me. Even worse if their kids are around and pay *me* attention. Take basketball practice for example:

Sweets is coaching basketball for his oldest son this year and signed the 2 girls up for basketball also. I went to practice Tuesday--and while Sweets was on the court with J*... The girls came and sat by me, played with me, all while "the MOTHER" watched. Today she called and told Sweets "You know, if you just gave me full custody you wouldn't even have to pay child support"... She got the response most Fathers would give...which was specific directions to a very warm climate.

She is a very bitter, angry person. And honestly, I believe she is jealous. Jealous that he has moved on and found happiness. AND that her children like me. I prayed for her yesterday. Prayed that God would thaw out her frozen heart. That he would allow her to find some tiny bit of happiness--somewhere. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to pray for her more than once. Sigh...

Got any advice? I need to stay calm. Because I've dreamed of meeting her in a dark alley...don't think that's the way to go.


Anonymous said...

Martie? I have NO advice because I'm kind of in the same situation.

Well, trish is too.

My kids love her to death and it also infuriates my ex.

She's never called me about the full custody thing because she knows I'd cuss her ass out.

Good luck with all that!

Trixie said...

Oh honey, I just wish all ex's can be friendly with each other. Yes you are right, she is jealous...but there is really nothing you can do but rise above it. She's the one looking like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Just keep doing what you're doing. Although that really just infuriates her that much more. I agree - take the high road. Eventually (it could be a loonng time) she'll thaw. And if not? They all still love you and at the end of the day that's what counts.

xoxo vic