Friday, November 14, 2008

Morning Madness...

I am allergic to morning. I need a good 30-45 minutes to myself to convince myself "It's a beautiful morning..." That doesn't always happen. And people who hop out of bed smiling and laughing and talking? They are evil.

My children are allergic to morning also. They are grumpy. They find fault with breakfast. Even if it's their beloved pancakes. They hate the clothes I laid out for them. This one needs their clothes 'fresh and warm' from the dryer. This one needs "SpongeBob" underwear. This one ALWAYS wants a PINK shirt. That one has 'sock' issues. If the seam on the toes isn't juuuuuuust right--disaster. No one wants to brush their teeth. Or take their meds. Comb their hair.

But give us 30 minutes. We all come together. Our eyes clear. Or voices soften.

Until then? Leave me alone.

PS: That new guy that gave me his last name? He is allergic to morning too. But I think he needs medication. ;)


Anonymous said...

Add my youngest to that group. We've had a week of "I don't wanna go to school". Late to work. Pure.Hell. And he's even beginning to be allergic to evenings. Hey wait - maybe it's ME he's allergic too.

That 30 minutes can't come quick enough. xoxo vic

Trixie said...

NOBODY ask me any important questions before I've been awake for at least 30 minutes, otherwise, you get your head bitten off. My boys are the same, they are so quiet in the mornings, I don't hear them. Just get there breakfast, sit in front of TV..till mum is ready to bark at them, lol.