Saturday, October 08, 2005

17 Years Of Moonpie...

Today is our 17th Anniversary. I can NOT believe we have been married for 17 years. Get out! No way!

We dated *briefly* (like maybe twice) in the Fall of 87--he is almost 6 years older than me--we met at college. He actually graduated from the same High School I did--but we didn't know each other...He was popular (he dated a cheerleader) I was in Drama (surprised?)...I decided I wanted to be "just friends"--that way I could go to any party I was invited to...He wanted a serious relationship--I wanted FUN. I borrowed $180.00 from him so that I could fly to Kansas with my best friend for Christmas break...I think he thought if he loaned me the money I would realize how sweet he was and start dating him again when I got back--but I didn't (but he really was sweet). That next Summer I ran into him at a Wholesale Club, where he worked. We talked a little--and then I went to work. I called him that afternoon and we made plans for me to go to his apartment after work. That was the end of June 1988. By the end of August we were engaged. We were married in a Baptist church on October 8, 1988. Calie was born in 1991. Almost 10 years later we were finally blessed with Claudia--then God apologized for Claudia (she was/is a little hellion) by giving us Carson in 2002...Then we got the bonus gift in 2005 (Caden).

We have had our ups and downs over the years. But I never once doubted his love for me or our kids. He is the best Daddy. He LOVES his kids. I *wish* that I had had a Daddy like him when I was a kid--Gawd knows he tries to act like my Daddy *now*. He is very opinionated. He like the outdoors. Hunting, Archery, Horse stuff. I like it inside. Books, movies, computer time. He takes care of us. He works his A$$ off so that I can stay home with the kids. He works 40+ hours at the hospital and about 20 for the local Junior College teaching (at the hospital). And he still finds time to pay all the bills--(he was a math major once). He doesn't drink, smoke or go out with the guys...He works out at the gym several times per week, takes Calie to all her 4H meetings and her riding lessons. He listens to Claudia tell all about her art stuff--he *really* listens to her. He takes Carson out and lets him ride the tractor with him when he mows. Takes him to the feed store and shows him all the "tools". When he comes home from working the kids RUN to the door--acting like they haven't seen him in a week--like he is Santa Claus. "Daddy's home!! Daddy's home!!" He plays in the floor with them. Gives them piggy back rides. Watches "Stawberry Shortcake" over and over. In the morning, when he wakes at 4:30AM, as soon as his feet hit the floor he goes into Claudia and Carson's room, kisses them and then goes to Calie's room to kiss and check on her. That always makes me smile in the dark of my room. I won't pretend that he isn't a huge A$$ alot. He is. He is bossy. A perfectionist. He wants things done his way RIGHT NOW. He is strict with Calie. He plays too rough with the kids (Carson especially). And he has lost 3 wedding rings in 17 years (the 3rd one this past week). And I have been known to shoot the finger at him behind his back--that really shows him, huh?! But he is Moonpie. My big red dog. And I love him. Forever. Always. And I know he loves me.

Happy Anniversary Moonpie.


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet- your kids are so lucky to have such a great Daddy! Happy Anniversary :)

myfuckingeye said...

Happy Anniversary!