Monday, October 10, 2005

A Da Da...

On Saturday night, right before Moonpie and I went out to eat, Caden started saying "Da Da"--or really, "A Da Da". Now he says it constantly. It is so funny and sweet. It makes him happy. He laughs and says/screams "A Da Da...A Da Da--DA DA DA DA DA!" Moonpie is happy too.

Carson is sick. He has been running fever since Thursday. He has had some nasty loose poops (sorry) and has said maybe twice "My tummy hurts" But then he acts like he feels alright *most* of the time...But he isn't eating good at all. And he is whinnier that usual. I keep putting off taking him to the doctor, since I am SURE that I will pay a copay to hear: "It's a viral thing--just give it time to work itself out". His fever has been as high as 101.7 (under his arm)... and it doesn't matter if I give him Tylenol or Motrin--his fever always comes back before it's OK to give more meds. He has been laying around watching "Go Diego, Go!" all morning--I couldn't even entice him to eat breakfast--chocolate doughnuts even (wfh?!). I hate it when my kids are sick. If he isn't better by tomorrow I am calling to the doc. Everytime someone gets sick my over active imagination/anxiety makes me start thinking cancer or something else just as horrible. Now MY tummy hurts...gotta stop thinking about it...

Calie has been carrying around her 11# doll. We had to pull all the stuffing out of the baby doll and stuff it with ziploc bags of change and pinto beans to make it weigh enough. Then I had to go to the consignment store and buy 3 baby girl outfits--she refuses to let the doll wear the same thing everyday (geez).

Claudia told my Mother-In-Law (who is one of the greatest women on Earth) that her name has "3 silly buses" (syllables). OMG. How funny. "Clau Di A. See?" My MIL watched the kids on Saturday so Moonpie and I could go eat. We ate at a new Italian joint. I was unimpressed with the food and service--but it was nice to get out and be dressed up--DARN! I wanted to get a picture of us--especially since I only wear makeup about once per month now...and wear my hair down (even FIXED). But I forgot. Oh well.

Moonpie is going to the Coast on Friday to pick up the new baby filly-horse. The horse that will suck all our money and "daddy time" away (watch and see!)...I admit it--I'm already jealous of this horse. The inside of my house might already be repainted if she wasn't in the picture. Or pasture. Now, can I gripe a minute? Just a minute? Of course I can--it IS *MY* blog after all... I told Moonpie "Now, you don't have to buy me anything for our Anniversary--we don't really have the money! Really! Just take me out to eat...ok?" So what does he do? Spends about $200 on horse crap (not literally "horse crap"--but horse STUFF)--and buys me a CARD. I'll admit it--my feelings were a little bruised. But I can't really say anything--after all...I TOLD him not to buy me anything. Should have said "And don't buy anything ELSE either..."

Ok, I need to go. I'm watching some old movie on LOGO (the "gay" channel--which I am addicted to--and Moonpie--being the homophobic that he is--thinks I am insane--so I have to watch it while he is at work) and Jim Carey is in the movie--made back in 1991 or 1992. Good day all.

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Anonymous said...

Hehe I think my dh hid the Logo channel from our listing- he knows I'd watch it just because I'm nosey. Sorry about the date dissappointment- I hate it when mine does that its like they don't realize that yes we DO like to just be surprised sometime! Feel better soon Carson