Thursday, July 17, 2008

54 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall...

I've never been a beer drinker. Always thought the nasty taste of beer would HAVE to compare to the taste the sweat off a hogs balls would taste like (never tasted that--but assumming its NASTY). But Mr X IS a beer drinker--*Maybe* one per night. No more than 6 per week (his way of saying he has 6 pack abs LMAO). Mr X is a beer snob. He only drinks micro brewery beer. No Bud Lite for him, Oh no. Right now, his favorites are Shiner 99 and Samuel Adams Summer Ale.

Mr X went to the beer store for us...and for his Dad. And picked up a few 6 packs. I will never let him go alone again. LOL. He came back with NINE six packs. We have enough beer for 2 months!! I tried a cream stout from Shiner. DARK beer. Black, even. It tasted like burnt chocolate. With half a cup of coffee thrown in for good measure.

I'm not saying it tasted BAD, per se. But it waaaaasssss different. An interesting taste. One I might try again. This will not be my favorite tho. The Summer Ale is my favorite so far. Of course, I drank it after doing clean up at the construction site of our new home. So I was HOT, TIRED and THIRSTY. And we all know that ANY beer taste A-OK then!!

Mr X ays the house WILL be finished by the end of October. It's slow going when you are building it yourself, work 60 hours per week and have a love affair with basketball. I love to watch him play basketball. I love to talk smack to him while he's playing too. He get a kick outta hearing me tease him when the guys he's SUPPOSED to be guarding gets a shot off.

He has to frame the garage into 2 more bedrooms. Then we can start on sheetrock. And the bricklayers can comme--the outside JUST needs brick and IT'S done!! Then the work on the inside starts. I'm getting excited. So are his oldest 2 kids. His oldest turns 12 in two months. And already plans on moving in with us (we won't move in until we are married--no shacking up here, folks). So, these are exciting times.

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