Saturday, July 19, 2008

Burritos For Breakfast...

For some reason I am unable to eat sweet foods for breakfast anymore. Makes me feel so sick. And it makes me sad. I love doughnuts. Life cereal. Cereal bars.

This morning, about 10AM, Mr X came by and fixed coffee. I can't/haven't figured out his coffee contraption yet. All I know is he puts beans and water in there--and we have coffee 5 minutes later. Anyway, I hadn't eaten breakfast so I fixed myself a burrito and BEANS! After I added homemade hot sauce to both--I gobbled it down. It was delish! I may be eating that breakfast again soon. But not tomorrow. Going to church with Mr X. We went last weekend (just Mr X, Me and MY 3 kids)--but I bet we REALLY land on the prayer list when we show up with all the kids. All 11 and under. So, burritos and beans...and church... probably not a good idea.

Carson is having a really hard time lately. Bad dreams. Night terrors. Spitting. Cursing (mainly at his sister--or his daycare teacher). And he tried to bite the Director of the daycare/school AND his teacher yesterday. CB took him off his meds to see if it made a difference. It didn't. He acts just a bad ON it as he does OFF it. I think he needs to go to a therapist. AND make adjustments to his meds. He has anger issues. Definitely Oppositional Defiant! If he hasn't "bonded" with you and you try to grab his arm...or get in his will not be pretty.

I'm unsure if its the divorce...or his meds. Or what. starts back up next month...this needs to be under control ASAP. CB told me he was making him an appointment with a "play" therapist. Carson isn't one' to talk to doctors--he still doesn't talk to his Psychiatrist. Of course, Carson IS only 6.

Mr X can sometimes get him under control...and I know CB can. But his poor choices (Carson's) are making an impression on Caden--and even Claudia is more violent and verbally abusive than usual. Sigh. Can't we all just get along??

Caden got into fingernail polish this morning. Painted his nails, a wall in my room, my mattress pad and the carpet a little. This is very aggravating. He turned a laundry basket over and climbed on it to reach the bathroom counter...climbed up THERE to reach the polish on top of an armoire that I have in my bathroom. Any ideas how to get it off the wall? RED POLISH. Magic Eraser isn't cutting it. Neither is polish remover. Any wonder I'm 3/4 insane?

Send help. A St Bernard with liquor would be helpful--but wait til the kids leave Sunday night--no alcohol before then!!

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