Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy 7th of July!!

I just spent my July 4th weekend cruising the beach. Wearing a semi-bikini. It IS a 2 piece--but my "kangaroo pooch" was covered. Which is more than I can say for some beached whales I saw on the beaches of Galveston.

Me and the 3 smallest went to see my parents (who live in Galveston).

I spent the bulk of my weekend talking to my ex and his girlfriend--trying to get them back together. OH! Did I tell you she is my ex best friend? Anyways, I know she makes CB happy--and my kids love her--and her semi-ex is an asssssshole. So, even tho this is a huge Jerry Springer episode--what can I say!?

I missed Mr X ALOT. He missed me. I see him later tonight--and I cant wait.

I think CB and I came to an agreement for the divorce. It isnt the BEST. keeps us out of court--and the kids out of court. I really dont want to say too much, especially since he has the address to this blog (hey CLIFF!!!!!).

I have a new cell phone number--if you only have my old one--dont call it...CB keeps track of every call I make on that one. Email me ( and I'll give it to ya--if I know and trust ya!!! LOL

Tomorrow, its back to work. I have to go fix my lesson plan. Which really means...drag some stuff outta my butt, clean it off and make it sound educational, fun and artsy-fartsy!!

Have a good week, sports fans!!

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