Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ok, That Sooooooooo Didn't Happen...

(UPDATE: "That last post" was deleted. Was posted due to mental stupidity...more than usual)

That last post was typed under the influence of something I shouldn't have been self medicating with. But, in case you are wasn't an ILLEGAL substance.

And I am pretty sure that I didn't "pay" anyone with any "favors" for the yard being mowed. But to be honest--I'd have to ask him, seeing as how I'm unsure how the entire evening went. I DO remember (partially) eating dinner, crying, taking a bath and being read a few chapters of the Bible (was he trying to save me?). Maybe I was baptised?

Anyway... I do have a refill waiting on me, of the doctor prescribed meds. Maybe after a few days I will get my sanity, memory and life back. But it will all be OK. I'm pretty sure of it.

PS: No alcohol or cigs. Not only am I OUT... I'm quitting. These things can't be good for me. Right?

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Anonymous said...

I read that entry, but I don't remember anything about it except that I thought wow that was more forward than she usually is. You know, in regards to the ahem..