Sunday, September 04, 2005

Circ(us) So Lame...

Moonpie and I took the small kids to the circus last night. Calie stayed over at her 4H horse trainers house--to babysat her kids. Boy, they just don't make 'em like they used to huh? This circus was lameO. It was free for the kiddos. Cost Mom and Dad $12 each. Bottled drinks were $3 each. Little light up toys were $10 each. The look on Carson's face as he touched a huge scary ugly Python Snake: Priceless. And I didn't get a picture either. damnit.

But it was good family fun. Good "do something together" fun. Claudia really only wanted cotton candy. Half way thru Carson was saying "let's go home now". It was hot. I was sweaty. Had a raging headache but after I took 2 vicodin I felt GREAT.

The headmaster--no, ringmaster...Was creepy. First of all it was a woman. In skintight clothes. And she sing songed her words so bad that I couldn't understand what she was saying--but she was trying to sound like that dude that emcees for boxing..."Leeeet's geeeeet readyyyy tooooo ruuuuummmmbbbble".

A lady (using that term very loosely) in front of us kept trying to talk to the kids. She was missing alot of her hair and a few teeth. She sorta freaked me out. Any time I take the kids to the park or zoo or anything "kid friendly" I worry that some pedophile is lurking around there waiting to get a cute kid (and we all know mine are the cutest). Once she asked Claudia how old she was and Claudia said "Something stinks. Bad." and held her nose and crawled over the seat to sit with her Daddy. I don't know it her breath smelled bad or she farted. I just turned my head to escape a smell and so she wouldn't see me trying to hold back a big ole 'laugh in your face' laugh.

After the elephants came out and danced around we left. Got home about 10:30PM. Got everyone tucked in and headed to bed. Moonpie dreamed about werewolves and I dreamed about an elephant running off with our kids.

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