Friday, September 23, 2005

That Bitch: Rita...

I know that everyone is about tired of all the hurricane crap--I have a massive headache from watching The Weather Channel and CNN Headline News for days now. But I can't stop. Even tho I really want to. My Aunt and Uncle (who raised me) live on the Bolivar peninsula. So does my lil brother/cousin and his new bride of 3 months, who is also 5 week pregnate. They all drove 5-6 hours a few days ago to come here--to wait out Rita. They may be homeless when it's all over. All of their cars are packed with clothing, cats, dogs and picture albums. I can't even imagine their fear. ALL of their belongings may be gone. Their homes.

We lived on the peninsula once--we moved there when Carson was 5 weeks old. I needed my Mommy to help me with my kids. Help me from going insane--taking a long walk on a short pier. We lived there for about a year--a little less. We have alot of memories there. Christmas on the beach. Ferry rides. Carson learned to walk there. Claudia loved to pick up shells on the beach. Calie had her first slow dance with a boy there...And it may be gone.

My Aunt and brother don't seem worried at all. I guess there is no use in worrying--it won't help, or so they say. So I worry for them. Cliff and Calie have a baby horse there. They bought her from some dear friends that breed, raise and show World Champions. Their little filly was due to come home in about 2 weeks. Mr. L (the breeder) had to turn 20+ horses out to pasture--he could only take 3 with him when they evacuated. Their filly had to be left behind. Calie is so worried that the horse may drown. Or get mangled in the flood waters and fencing...Or starve. It's all she can talk about. We second guess ourselves and wish we had gone days ago to get her--but like alot of people we kept waiting to see what would happen--would the storm turn? Fade away? Guess we shouldn't have waited. Hindsight is always 20/20, huh?

So I keep watching TV. Praying. Hoping. And wondering what the storm will do to us--5 hours inland. 120 miles East of Dallas. People are going crazy buying the grocery store out of water, food, gas. What will the next few days be like? I don't like this. I hope everyone is safe. As safe as can be.

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Yolanda said...

Praying that all goes well for your family and their homes. So glad they all made it to you safely though. We're just waiting and watching- most of my family has made it to safety thankfully but I'm still hoping those winds die on out so the damage is far less severe.