Monday, September 19, 2005

Working For A Living...

Today I went to my former employers to return some baby clothes that were graciously loaned to me for Caden (I am in love with "sharing" aren't you!?). It was so weird being there. Some days I am so happy to be home with my kids. I love having time to play outside with them and to color at the table...But today it really hit me. I miss working too. I miss having that "team" spirit everyday. I miss talking with people that are over 14. I miss getting paid in real money (as opposed to the slobbery kisses--which I love). I can't work outside the home right now. I can't afford to. Daycare is expensive. And really don't think I want to work--but I miss it. I miss feeling like I am doing something important. And I KNOW that raising my kids is important--but I don't really give it the attention it REALLY needs, ya know? I miss *feeling* important. Every job I've ever had I was good at. I was. I was never a rocket scientist--but I was always a supervisor somewhere. I made sure that my team worked hard and had fun working hard.

Now I supervise poop. I wash 1-2 loads of laundry a day (and put up 0-1). I cook chicken alot and can pour a mean glass of invisible KoolAid. I use about 7 diapers a day and 20 babywipes. I wash my kids by first letting them "soak" the bulk of the dirt/germs off (which is my blog time). I have eyes in the back of my head and can get small people to "settle" by merely picking up a fly swatter (no swats required). I spot mop my kitchen daily and scrub toilets on a need-to basis. I suck at housework actually. Calie is the cleaner in the house, I'm more of a "straightener". But it's OK. I'm not winning any awards here but I'm not about to be fired either.

I guess I like the job I have now. It's harder than any job I've ever had. And it sure beats wearing pantyhose and heels everyday. Maybe one day I can work outside the home again. But if not--I'll be OK. I like my position--Vice President of my branch of the Family Tree.

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EbonyMom said...

Great entry- I especially like the part about getting paid in slobbery kisses. Interesting on missing the job world, perhaps if I had at least one job I loved I could feel that way, it just never quite happened for me. Someday I hope to do what I love and be self employed to enjoy the best of both worlds(that's the dream at least).