Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Just Can Not Believe It...Period.

Today my 9th grader. My 14 year old. My firstborn baby. My "Sweet Pete". My Calie O'Malley.

She started her period today. At school. When I went to pick her up this afternoon I saw her walking fast to the truck. I saw this grin on her face. She was walking so fast...In a hurry to tell me. And I just knew. I could tell. She was giddy. She talked all about it--all the way home. I had to stop off at the store and buy supplies for her (I still haven't started my period after having Caden). I also bought her favorite deli chicken and a chocolate cake--we are celebrating tonight!! She admitted to wearing folded up toilet paper in her panties all day--and checking on it after every class--poor baby.

She said she would never wear tampons. She was afraid it would hurt. Claudia (overhearing us) asked "Momma why is Sissy wearing a coupon?!" I almost drove off the road laughing. I told Calie they made very slim tampons--but I thought it was a good idea to wait on the tampons.

So we made it home and got her set up. And called Daddy. He was happy for her too--and thought we were a little silly--but really!? It is an important day for a girl--one of those days you never forget--I want her memory to be that we were happy and proud of her--and that we celebrated HER that day...

But I'm a tad sad. This is the real beginning of her leaving home. Next will be a car where she will physically drive away...Then college. Then (gasp) marriage (oh, dear Father, let that be after she graduates college, please). They really do grow fast, people. And it's true: Why *can't* they just stay little til their Carter's wear out!!???

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SuziQ said...

My Girl is a little woman now! I am sad that the baby she used to be is gone, but SOO proud of the woman that she is!
Calie, I love you!
Aunt SQ

Yolanda said...

Congratulations and how wonderful that you are celebrating with her! It must be so bittersweet to see your first baby blossom into womanhood.