Thursday, September 29, 2005

Do-Do On A Stick...

I feel awful. I am sick. My head hurts. My throat hurts. My voice is failing (darn! How will I scream at the kids?). I feel like crap. It's some sinus/cold thing that, I am sure, is a side effect of Rita. It's cooler here today--in the low 70's this morning. The kids were screaming "I'm cold! I'm cooooold like a popsicle!" That should make my cold clear right up, huh? Steamy weather then cool weather. You know what they say about E Texas weather? If you don't like it--just hang around 10 minutes--it'll change.

Tara (my lovely new sister-in-law) did lose the baby. My heart aches for her. She spent a lot of time over here this week. Just hanging out. We talked about miscarriages (I told her all about mine). And breastfeeding. And just "stuff" in general. It was nice to get her all to myself. We even went to a Scrapbooking Party (hosted by my Sister). Y. From might be proud that I actually LIKED this crafty thing we did there. We made little pages for Calie (since she babysat the kids for us so we could go). I might be inclined to buy some stuff (but from Wal-Mart, not thru the $$ company) at a later date, like, when we actually have money to spend on fluffy stuff.

Calie had an "almost" boyfriend last week too!! He even hugged her in the hall one morning--and that afternoon I found myself practicing "hugging" with Calie...She needed to practice with me so she wouldn't seem too "I don't really know how to do this and it's awkward"...I told her that I refused to practice kissing if and when that came up. But, he seems to be history now--Calie heard some unfavorable things about this boy (like he pulled a knife on someone...), so she is avoiding him like the plague now. Dodging him in the cafeteria and slinking around the halls. She asked him about it and he said "yeah--but that was last year...I'm really a good boy." But she would rather "just be friends...From a distance". End of next week she starts a project in her Childhood Development class. She has to carry around a doll--we have to make it weigh 10lbs--for 2 weeks. She has to take care of it as if it was her child. She named her (IT's A GIRL!) Riley Anne. She has to take pictures and make like a baby book too. She is excited about it--but embarrassed too. She told me and Tara "A doll is just not a cool accessorie, you know!?"

Claudia had school pictures today. I forgot--so she will look like an orphan. I'm not buying any--they make you pay in advance--before seeing them...ummm, no. Later in the year they will take them again--they show you those before you buy--they cost more, but... the one taken today will be in the yearbook. eeek.

Carson has a new "thing". He has been calling me an "ogre". In public. Loud. Then laughing his head off--luckily his speech is still hard to figure out by most English speaking people. I try to ignore it--but he is hard to ignore.

Caden is a liar. He has been saying "I don't drink out of a bottle" since he was born. I found out that he *really* means: "I will drink anything out of a bottle *except* formula--which tastes like rat posion". So...I guess I will have to figure a way to use that electric pump more often--so I can save up some milk for if/when I need to give him a bottle--like...on my anniversary, which is coming up October 8th--I think we will go out to eat at a resturaunt without any playground equipment!! A few days ago I pumped 6 oz in 8 minutes. I was in shock and awe.

Ok, I need to go feed Ccarson some lunch--and take more dimetapp. I can't breef. and me 'ead hurts.

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