Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kidneys and Refried Beans...

I took Calie to the urologist yesterday. They still don't have the "stone stuff" back from the lab. The doc wants to send her to a nephrologist (creepy name huh?), that's a kidney specialist. The closest pediatric nephrologist is about 120 miles away. Great. Groovy. Another whole day of school shot to hell. Calie is thrilled. I talked to the urologist about Moonpie--and his need for a snip snip here-a snip snip there...she gave me a pamphlet to bring home to him. When we were checking out Calie decided to get business card of her urologists to put in her "special box" (which is a box of every thing that she has deemed "special" since she was about 5--it's a big box). So. She picks up her docs card--and there are 3 more different cards there...2 are partners of Calie's doc and the other is for the R.N. Calie snaps one up, laughing her head off and says "Oh Mom!! We *gotta* give this one to Dad! Clip it to his paperwork!" I take the card from her and read it: "S. Hooter, R.N." haha Hooter! Get it? Oh well.

Today me and my sister. My sister and I. We went to a craft shop and bought stuff to make homecoming mums for my girls (Moonpie is taking them to the game Friday) and garters for her boys (their homecoming is 2 weeks away--different school district). I've never made a mum before...But they look OK. Calie said she would wear hers. Claudia wants hers NOW. I burned my fingers on the hot glue gun. Crafting is not my forte. They have footballs and whistles and bells and "Good Luck" charms. And rabbits feet... Pretty ribbons. After the crafting my sister took me out to eat Mexican Food (oh my heavens!). She let Caden suck refried beans off her finger--if he has toxic poo I am calling her to change his diapers. He thought the refried beans were yummy (they were). Carson behaved. Except once when Caden was fussing a little (wanted more beans) Carson said "Hurry, he wants boob milk!" and once he said (yelled at the top of his lungs) "I need to poop! I need to poop!" Other than that it was a good day...But I just heard Caden poop his pants. eeewwwww.

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Anonymous said...

Homecoming Mums!!! I never did get one of those- ahhh the Texas high school memeories. I never realized they didn't have them in other states apparently its just a Texas thing. Be sure to get pics :)