Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fan A Little Flame...

Romance. After almost 17 years (next month) you don't really expect romance. So, when it happens it is surprising, almost like winning a lottery. Last night I got me some--romance (and that other thing too). This time was better than last time. It was like a "hey, how ya been, I missed you" sex thing. It was really nice. I didn't feel creepy or very fat. Just a tad chubby. And it spilled over to today. Moonpie is off this weekend. That usually means things won't run as smooth. We have different ideas of how the house runs. I do it MY way while he is at work then I compromise and let him feel like he is running the show when he is off. But things went well.

Moonpie had to go to town (geez. Does that sound as "country" to you as it does to me?) and he wanted Calie to go with him but she didn't really want to go...So I went. We left Calie home in charge of Claudia and Carson and me and the baby went to town with Moonpie. We were gone for about 2 hours and it was so nice. Just us in the truck--I sat in the back with the baby but it was still real nice talking to each other instead of the kids. And at the store I felt like a newlywed with ONE baby. We took turns toting him around and cooing and gooing to him. It was nice. When we got back home Moonpie cooked hamburgers on the grill and I bathed kiddos.

I guess what I'm trying (not too well) to say is that I really felt like part of a team today. And our team won the homecoming game. Let's hope we make it to the play-offs!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got to enjoy the couple time! I keep forgetting how important that is- must schedule something post haste.