Saturday, September 10, 2005

Turned On...

I have been turned on to a drug. A drug so powerful that I have been spending all my internet time in one place. I have neglected my own blog, all because of "E". Have you read HER blog( )? Go check it out...She is one cool cat (oops, wasn't supposed to mention cats!)! I am her not-so-secret-admirer and now she has turned me on to a harder, more addictive drug... DOOCE ( ). I am so in love now. If I was gay I would be *in* love with "E" and Heather. I wanna be both of them when I grow up. "E" has a single, carefree life with Ken--and a cool job. And she take the best photos. I love her pics. She has balls. She will tell it like it is. And she is cooool. And young. And hip. Don't mess with her. Heather has balls too. And she is funny. Even when talking about her depression I am impressed with her. She is very honest about everything. And brave. I can relate to her and I wish I was as funny.

So that's where I have been for the past few days. Reading Heather's blog. From the beginning (of what is in archives) up to about June this year (still reading). And it's all due to "E" turning me onto dooce. Can't get the monkey off my back. Don't want to. And I am trying to get YOU to go take a hit. It's like Lay's--you can't eat just one.

Now I will try to catch you up on what's been going on here... My life is so boring --but it's all I got, ok?