Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Gotta Do Some Cleaning...

And reorganizing. And redecorating. Of this blog here. So, hopefully today--but tomorrow fer sure! I'm gonna get my links right...So you can see who I LOVE LOVE LOVE..."E"..."Y"...And the part time player: SQ. I'm gonna post PICTURES. And a new one of ME on my profile. So you can see my bangs and brownish/muddy hair. I took some "nature shots" yesterday that I want "E" to see.

Me and the (little) kids spent sooooo much time outside yesterday. We all got a tad bit of sun on the cheeks and Carson has pink ears that I want to nibble off. And that attractive farmer neck. We picked up rocks in the pasture. ALOT of rocks. We have an infestation of red rocks. That's why we like to call our little piece of land 'Red Rock Ranch', cause that's what we have the most of here. We played chase. Hide n go seek (the doghouse was the favorite hiding spot). My Mother In Law (AKA Nanny) was here...And so were Erin's (a friends) two girls. Nanny took them on an 'exploration' of our property. We only have a 3 acre pasture...But 3 sides of the fence line are wooded sorta. So we wove in and out of rotting tree limbs. Looking for 'treasure'. The dogs (all four) and one of the cats went with us. It was a grand ole time. I even discovered that there is a creek that runs right behind our property! eeeeek. I see Carson diggin' in the mud back there in a few years. Or getting snakebit. omg.

I told you that I took Caden to get his ears checked on Thursday right? And they were "clear"? Welllll, last night he had an awful night. Crying. Whimpering. At first, at 11PM, I thought "maybe too much playing outside yesterday--over tired"? But then again I don't think so much after my Trazadone tablet takes effect. But, later, at around 2AM--after standing/wobbling beside his bed, patting him, offering a bottle (which he flung across the crib), trying to find the perfect pootie (paci), changing his diaper, finding his favorite night night blanket--it came to me: he sounds like he is in pain! He was even growling, like he was getting pissed off...So I went and got him a dose of Loratab. THAT did it. After about 20 minutes he went to sleep and didn't wake again until 8AM. When I fed him breakfast I saw what appeared to be a honking huge piece of ear wax. Nasty reddish-orange-yellow in hue? So I dug my pinkie nail in his ear and snagged it--but it wasn't wax. It was all crystally-sandy like. A discharge? I Dunne. You think that was it? Please tell me that his ear drum didn't bust! Not while I stood there--swaying in a trazadone high. Should I take him to the doctor? sigh.

OK, I might try to get some pictures uploaded onto photobucket--keep checking back for PICTURES! But I might email some of the nature ones to "E"--wouldn;t want to bore you with all the pictures of rocks and pine cones.

Lata Tata.


Dee said...

I can remember when my eldest had ear problems and it was not much fun. I do know that hubby had them alot and his dad would blow smoke into them. It is a very old wives tale that it cures the ear ache but he said it did help him. Perhaps you should take him to a doctor just to check things out though.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be bored with any nature pics! You know I'll be checking. Email me too. :-)