Monday, March 06, 2006

I Suck Lizards...

I am awful at cleaning. I SUCK. At home and at trying to fix my links. I screwed something up and now there are NO links. I might try to figure it out later and I might not.

Just know that "E" at:

and "Y" at:

and SQ (who never updates--so, might get tired of looking for something over there--but you can bitch at her like I do and maybe she will post?):

and Heather, oh I love me some Heather:

Are my favorites.

Like the new me?--but I sure have aged since that last picture...and it's only been 2 years. I LOOK like I have 4 kids. And I LOOK like I've recently been in the Nut House for a week. My eyes look tired. Look at those puppet lines! I need a face lift! And Lipo! and my boobs surgically put back where God intended for them to be! PS: That new Ipex bra from Victoria's Secret? It is the best thing since sliced bread! I am in love with my bra!! I can't keep my hands off myself...hee hee!

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And here's a few from our outside in the back yard day...(Saturday):

Nanny and the kids hiking into the "woods":

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A bunch of pinecones on the ground, a lil taste of East Texas:

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Anonymous said...

Lovely new picture of you- so pretty! Glad you and the kiddos are having so much fun exploring