Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Shopping With My Sistah (AKA: I Got Waxed)...

I asked my sister to go with me today on my "Day Off". PS: Robin, if she called in sick--she really was--she threw up at least twice--maybe 3 times.

First, let me tell you that Moonpie and I got into a squabble a few days ago. Over my housekeeping skills. Really, it classified as WWIII, but for the faint at heart I will just call it a squabble. I told him that I was taking Wednesday off and that HE would be responsible for taking care of the (ie HIS) children AND the house while I went "somewhere" allll day. AND he had to clean... He asked me "where are you going?" and I replied "ANYWHERE but HERE".

So, I needed a bra that a)fit me and b)wasn't a nursing bra. I have a coupon for $10 off a Body By Victoria bra and a free panty! Plus they will actually MEASURE you. I told the chick I was a "36 long"--she claims I am a 36C...whatever. We went to a discount store first and SQ bought sinus medicine, then she threw up in the bathroom while I waited in line at the register to purchase a $3.00 (clearance people!) massager...for my HIP, ok?! I JOKED that I was naming it BOB...Battery (no cord!) operated Boyfriend. And a man in line heard me...I was mortified but none the less amused. Then we went and got our haircut. I got about an inch off--SQ got 10" cut/whacked off. Enough to donate to Locks of Love!!

Then we went to the mall. And I got a wax job!! On my eyebrows!! My first time EVER. But I was confused...because *after* she ripped, what she claimed was only a "few" hairs out, she PLUCKED alot too. I do look fetching tho. But not right now...right now I am sitting at the puter in my panties--no bra, with haircolor on my 'do (going back to my "root" color, which is in the "brown family". PS: Bob is still in the car and I am home alone. hee hee. But back to our trip...Then we ate (ok. We ate BEFORE I was waxed but I am not going back and redoing my story--)at Chicks fill A (I know I misspelled it, I meant to).

THEN, we went into Victoria's Secret. SQ told me Victoria's secret: She is an expensive tramp! I got measured. Then realized I left my coupon IN THE CAR!!! So, I will get a new bra (maybe 2) tomorrow. Gotta take 2 kids to town for check ups and ortho appointments!

But the killer? I walked into a CLEAN house. And he has them at the park. WHY!? Why can't it be hard for him like it is for me!? It's not fair. It's not.

Ok, gotta go, the timer is going off...gotta wash that fake blonde outta my hair....

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Anonymous said...

Your house is clean because your husband cleaned it? Impossible! Watch out for opening closet doors or hard to reach cabinets. Check under the kitchen table!