Monday, March 20, 2006

The Worst Thing About My Vacation...

was leaving. I love Mimi so much. I wish she lived closer. I always feel safe with her. And OK. I know she *knows* me... And I know she loves me and my kids. She is a saint. Ok, maybe not a saint--but she is one of the largest blessings in my life. She saved me when I was in middle school when I ran away from home. And she continues to save me almost daily. She calls me and checks on me. Almost every day. How special is that? Her and my sister are my biggest sources of support. To know that you have someone who truly loves you and is THERE for you--priceless, man. Priceless.

Our trip wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Most things aren't as bad as *I* think they are going to be--but I still continue to think they will be BAD. Go figure.

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It was cold and windy...didn't stop the college idiots from wearing bikinis and shorts. Of course, if I had a hot body I would wear a bikini in the winter too! Moonpie and I took Carson and Claudia to the beach one day. We flew a kite. Walked on the shore...picked up sea shells, buried a fish head that had washed up. Built a sand castle. Tore it up. We had fun--until Moonpie's IBS (the shits See? Told you it was the theme of my life) forced us to go back to the house. I took a picture of the wee ones (Carson and Claudia) in the bluebonnets behind Mimi's house.

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Calie got to spend quality time with Tara, my brothers wife and a dear sweet friend of mine. It made Calie feel special. I hated leaving--but we stopped by friends of Moonpie's (an older couple who adopted him and Calie when we lived there in 2002) on the way home. They have a farm and the kids love(!) chasing chickens, playing with the hoard (LOTS) of goats, petting the horses and watching the cows and peacocks. Claudia fell down in some poo (pick the stinkiest animal and that was it)--but she didn't even care. She cried when we left. She loves the farm. Carson does too. Calie loves the L's. They sent 2 dozen fresh eggs with us. So sweet.

We came home and I washed clothes for 3 days. Claudia stole one of Josh's (my brother) guitar pick--so she had to write an "I M srrey" letter and send it back. The kids started back to school today. Sigh. Vacation's over.

I went to my physical therapy appointment today--and was told that it wasn't today--it's tomorrow. Uh..., I am a dumbass. And I made me an appointment with my have my "thang" looked at on Friday. Joy. This was after watching "My Life" today on dvd. Remember that movie? With Michael Keaton and Niocle Kidman in it? He has cancer and makes a video for his unborn child? After I dried my tears I called my doctor. I sure hope my kids don't have to tell their friends/teachers/strangers that their Mom died of Hoochie Cancer.

Oh! and Caden is really scaring me. He finally got those 2 front teeth to cut thru (yesterday) and is REALLY trying to walk. GULP. He will be 1 on April 28th. One. With teeth. And walking. Nooooooooooo! It is going tooo fast.

Well, it is late here (10:30 PM is late for me) Moonpie is on the toliet, again. So maybe I can hurry and get to sleep before the smell creeps down the hall and gets to our room.

Night Night.

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