Saturday, September 13, 2008

Irritable Ike...

Please Note That This Post Was Written Saturday Afternoon. On A "Break" From Napping!!

I have family that live on the Bolivar Peninsula...near Galveston Island. 129 people were rescued from the Peninsula alone. My family are all here in East Texas. Nine of them. Them and alot of Louisiana folks. We still have gas. Water. Electricity. Milk. We will all live. Unless Ike throws a few tornadoes our way. Right now Ike is just south of Tyler, Texas. 15 minutes from me (I'm to the north of Tyler). 39 MPH winds. And we are expected to get 5-6 more inches of rain. Luverly.

My family has spoken to a few idiots, er...I mean, friends who stayed behind. One guy (nut case) SWAM down hwy 87 to the church and spent last night on the roof. My family tells me that they have heard of at least nine people drowning at Crystal Beach (where they live).

Thankfully, my family is safe. My ex Mother In Law came and got my kids this morning. And I will spent the night elsewhere (instead of in my large coffin/trailer). I feel awful for those who have lost their homes, property or friends/family members. My parents did not have FLOOD insurance. I'm not saying they are stupid...but... Hello? Remember the last storm? The one before that? Guess not. I'm sure the downstairs of their beach house is GONE--along with all their pack rat belongings (good riddance to the things *I* would have to take care of when they die of old age). But we don't know about the roof, wrap around deck, elevator (my uncle/dad is a paraplegic) or upstairs.

The only good I can find in this? They may move back HERE. To East Texas. I need all the moral support around here I can get. So *I* might win.

1,000 search and rescue people are looking now on Galveston Island. And 50 aircraft. That is just SCARY...

PS: Right after I typed this up--we lost power here. And I packed some belongings and went to my future in laws house for the night. But I'm back home now. My rented, glamourous trailer didn't blow away (darn it). We had alot of trees down here. Mainly pine trees but a few big oaks too. It's 25 minutes from my house to theirs. I saw TWO cars on the highway. Besides me. It was eerie.

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