Saturday, September 06, 2008

Like, Wow...

Today was/is Saturday. My kids are visiting with my parents while I went to the school where I teach (bahahaha) 3 year olds M-F. But today I went to clean. I cleaned 7 restrooms. 10 toilets. 5 classrooms. 2 halls. and a huge kitchen and cafeteria. I swept, vacuumed, mopped. Clorox wiped doors, handles, light switches. Emptied trashcans. Sprayed Lysol on door jams, little chairs. Changing tables and toy bins. I cleaned the front desk up (dirty women). I left the building smelling of Clorox, Mr Clean, Lysol and Febreeze. It took me 3 hours. And the wench is shining, I tell you!

If I wasn't in such dire straits--I wouldn't do it. But the $60 will come in handy when its time to purchase pharmaceuticals (the kind that keep me sane--dirty minded reader!) or hair color. But this is back breaking work. I feel sorry for every janitor I've ever made fun of. I hurt. $60 may not be enough.

Now I am too tired to clean my own nasty, filthy house. Maybe while "someone" watches the Notre Dame game...I'll clean.

PS: Dont tell us who won...we recorded it.

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