Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Momma, Can I Tell You About The Sun?" Said My Son...

Last night we were driving home from work. Me, Claudia (7), Carson (6) and Caden (3).

Carson had a bad day at school. He tried to bite his teacher. Ran from the principal and spit on some kids in the bus line. He was in trrrrrouble. And he knew it. But he was working hard to impress me and win me back over. He had already informed me several times that I was the "best Mother in the Universe". Ummm, yeah, right.

So, from the backseat, he starts this conversation:

Carson: Momma? Did you know that the sun is just a big ball of fire?

Me: Really? wow.

Carson: And if you got even close to it you would burn up INSTANTLY!

Me: Oh my. (Thinking: wow, he must have listened to someone. He's so smart)

Carson: Yep. But wouldn't burn up Superman.

Me: Hmmmm (Thinking: so, he heard all this from a Superman cartoon?)

Carson: But it WOULD burn up Spiderman!!

Claudia: How do YOU know!?

Carson: Because the sun is Spidermans weakness...

Claudia: His "weakness??"

Carson: Yeah, ya know, like *GIRLS* are MY weakness...

OMG. That boy is so sweet. His current phrase that he repeats over and over is "WICKED SWEET!!" Feel free to say it yourself over and over... I do.


Anonymous said...

Wicked Sweet....

Cool, but my buddies would run my old ass out if they heard me saying that!

So, how much trouble did he get out of by flattering you? :)

Anonymous said...

All of it--I'm a sucker for a man/boy who has a way with words... Flattery will get you everywhere.

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