Monday, July 18, 2005

And Now, Back To The Show...

Sorry I was away a bit. The wedding trip was...well, a trip! MP and I didn't fight (that I can recall). Claudia did wonderful as the flower girl--she thought it was HER wedding. She looked adorable, and acted adorable too. Calie looked so grown up as the Junior Bridesmaid. Carson actually behaved himself during the ceremony. And Caden. Oh, Caden! Midway thru he decides that it's time to clean out the ole pipes. Pbbbtttttt! I raised him up and my sister (SQ) throws a blanket under him. Pbbbbttttt!!!! (It was very loud...Thank Goodness we were on the back row...) I knew he wouldn't sit in that funk for long. So we (SQ and I) made a mad dash to the restroom. He literally had poop from his neck to his knees. Ugh. We got it all over us. In her hair...On my arm/shirt/hands. Ugh. Missed the second half of the ceremony...CRAP (literally)! At the reception Claudia was belle of the ball. She danced her hiney off the entire time. Cliff had a few drinks--I didn't (pout). Calie caught the bouquet!! And is now locked in her room until she is 18. HA.

I am feeling better, mentally. I still go nowhere. But I'm cleaning a bit more. Sleeping a bit better. Just really managing myself more. I've even been able to (mainly) control myself (the screaming and spanking) with the kids. Now I gotta work on my diet and exercise. Gotta get some. Diet and exercise, I mean. This weekend MP and Calie are going to a baseball game and spending the night 2 hours away. Not fair. I never get to go anywhere! Oh well. OH! I am planning on taking a 4 ye old, a 3 year old and a almost 3 month old to T*oysRUS (yep, told ya I was insane) this weekend. That ought to be exciting huh?

Ok, Monsters are in the (cold) tub with perfectly shriveled fingers and toes now. Must get them out and dressed for bed--maybe a dose of B*enadryl tonight huh!? (where's MY B*enadryl/Wine!!?)

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