Sunday, July 31, 2005

Rollin' On The River...

Guess who can roll from tummy to back now?! Tha's right...CADEN!!! I had to get up, like 5 times in the night because he rolled over and woke himself up... I can't believe he is already rolling over! Next is sitting up! Then CREEPING...omg.

And guess who is here...In the real world!? Allyson (J's new baby)! She weighed 7# 9oz and is 19" long. I saw her Friday. So cute and little. Caden's future wifey. Welcome Miss Ally!

My hip is still hurting. I went to the crack (not "quack") doctor again on Friday. He is talking MRI--which makes me think he is thinking it might be more than "a pinched nerve". I think it's bursitis. I really do. Last night it woke me up it was hurting so bad. 3 Ad*vil later...Still hurting but not as bad. I had a bad night last night between my hip, Caden and Claudia wetting the bed. I woke up (because of the hip) and stepped onto a pair of wet panties--she left them by my bed but never woke me up! LOL So I had to wake Carson AND Claudia up to change the bed. They weren't happy but settled back in fast--wish I could've.

Took all 3 littles to the store this AM. Not too bad this time. They even got balloons! And we got donuts! (not because any poop success either--)!

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