Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Welcome Back, I Guess...

Last night...(drum roll, please)...After approximately 6 months...I had SEX. With MP (in case you were wondering). 10 weeks after the baby. I was beginning to think that I never wanted sex again. Or that HE never wanted it again (with *me* anyway). But after we got started...It wasn't so bad. I might do it again sometime... Preferably after losing 10-15-20 lbs. I felt like a dork. I kept covering my belly with my hand--trying to keep his body away from it so he wouldn't realize that there was a BIG FAT COW in bed with him. Sorta interfered with my concentration--so it wasn't one of those (romantic music playing)...Fairy-tale sorta sex episodes... It was more like (some sick Weird Al song playing)...yeah,...One of those. But we DID IT (with each other!!)!!

PS: We aren't on birth control yet--eeeek. His train left the station before it was due, iffen ya know what I mean...And if you do not--don't ask. LOL

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