Thursday, July 28, 2005

Snap, Crackle, POP!

Did I tell you that my hip has been hurting? Well, it has. So I went to see a chiropractor for the 1st time, yesterday. I was so scared. I just *knew* I would be paralyzed OR it would HURT. MP met me there (he came straight from work)...It's HIS doctor. They were very nice. MP stayed in the waiting room with Caden (the other kids were home). I was getting my X-rays and exam and I could hear Caden---screaming. tee hee. Poor MP. Then one of the girls comes in and says "You should see your husband! The baby had a dirty diaper and he even needed his clothes changed!" They thought is was funny (but *I* thought it was FUNNIER!)!

Turns out I have (probably) a pinched nerve type thing and scoliosis (sp?). Even *I* could see that my X-ray was messed up. My spine is pretty curved looking--and I was trying so hard to stand straight. Doc said it has probably been that was for awhile(the spine thing) --and he doesn't act like I need any thing else (besides HIS care) for the hip thing. BUT...If, after a few treatments there is no improvement, he will send me to someone else--in which case it may be "bursitis" (WTH is that) in my hip joint? And the only treatment for THAT is (gulp): INJECTIONS. Oh my. I was hoping I would get off his funky table and be cured. Oh! The table! It was freaky. It stands up straight. You stand in front of it and lean into it--then he lowers it and you just... Are then laying down--freaky. Once, while he was adjusting me, he actually climbed on the table!!! I was so scared I just closed my eyes. But I did feel better afterwards. I snap, crackle and POP pretty easily, too.

The best part (not really) was the cost. Insurance doesn't pay--so it was $288. Gulp. But they will let us pay it out. My luck: we will have to go see another doctor anyways and end up paying someone else for MORE care (or surgery). That's just my luck.

Ok, gotta go make a few more entries--they deserve their own "spot"... Stay tuned...

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